'Grey's Anatomy' is a mixed bag of parenting tricks.

10 Lessons We’ve Learned From The Very Complicated Parents Of Grey’s Anatomy

Including a few real whoppers.


Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air since 2005. In that time, we’ve seen several doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital become parents and deal with their own complicated parents. Here’s what those parents have taught us along the way.

#1. Your kids are watching.

Ellis Grey “attempted suicide” in front of Meredith when she was a little girl, and her daughter never forgot. Or fully got over it. Pay attention because your kids are watching.

#2. A name doesn’t define you.

Meredith named her youngest daughter Ellis after her late mom and found that the two Ellises were not at all the same. Ellis Shepherd is sweet and quirky and different; totally the opposite of her namesake.

#3. Giving birth is not for the modest.

Who will ever forget Miranda Bailey welcoming Tuck during a bomb scare and telling her terrified intern George “O'Malley, stop looking at my vajayjay!”

#4. Your kids need you to stick around.

When Meredith was in a coma after getting Covid, she had to make a choice: Follow Derek, who died in a car accident, or fight. She fought because as Derek reminded her, “It's not your time yet. Our kids need you.”

#5. Motherhood can change your personality.

Who would ever think that hard-nosed Dr. Bailey would be a big softee? When it comes to her son Tuck, she is a different person. Like when she bribed his school to keep him out of trouble.

#6. Say sorry to your kids.

Izzie’s mom Robby took her daughter’s college savings and spent it on psychics and never apologized. Taking the money was bad enough, but not apologizing changed the course of their relationship.

#7. Prepare to be left a “dead husk.”

Owen asks Bailey for advice on raising baby Leo. She tells him about a spider whose offspring “suck her up, leaving her a dead husk. And then they go on with their lives. That’s parenting. That’s my advice.” Sorry, but yes.

#8. Embrace their individuality.

Owen and Teddy’s child Leo loves to wear an Elsa costume, and his parents embrace it completely. “It’s Leo’s world, we just live in it,” Teddy explains. Perfect.

#9. You can’t fix everything.

When Derek tragically dies, Meredith has to explain to daughter Zola and son Derek that “no one can fix him,” leaving them heartbroken. It’s a horrible moment, but one most parents learn in their own way.

#10. Kids can define your journey.

Alex didn’t want kids until he met his twins with Izzie, Alexis and Eli. He walked away from his life in Seattle, including his wife Jo, and moved to a farm in Kansas for them, and Izzie, because that’s what parenting can do. Redirect your path.

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