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Disney+ Is Adding A Bunch Of Holiday Movies In 2021

And they pair fantastically with a milk and cookies!

by Casey Suglia
20th Century Studios

Disney+ is adding 12 movies and specials — some new, some old — this holiday season. Read on for some festive suggestions.

Jingle All The Way

Two rival fathers on a mission to purchase their kids the most coveted toy for Christmas find out the true reason for the season as they go through desperate lengths to get the toy. Jingle All The Way arrived on Nov. 5.
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Jingle All The Way 2

A child’s stepfather and her father battle it out to be the one to get her the toy of her dreams for Christmas in this 2014 sequel, which landed on Disney+ on Nov. 5.
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Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa

In this Prep & Landing short film, elves are sent on a secret mission by Mrs. Claus to retrieve a box at Santa’s workshop. It arrived on Disney+ on Nov. 5.
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Santa Buddies

When Puppy Paws forgets the true meaning of the season, it’s up to the Santa Buddies to remind him that Christmas is about giving rather than getting. Santa Buddies debuted on Nov. 5.
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The Search for Santa Paws

Santa Claus and his companion, Santa Paws, take a trip to NYC to save Christmas and show the world what it’s all about. The Search for Santa Paws came to Disney+ on Nov. 5.
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Snow Buddies

The super cute puppies take a trip to Alaska in this Buddies installment where they make new friends and take part in a dog sled race. Snow Buddies dropped on Disney+ on Nov. 5.
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Home Sweet Home Alone

Max Mercer must defend his home from intruders after being left home alone for the holidays in this Home Alone spin-off, which premieres on Disney+ on Nov. 12.

A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa

The Muppets embark on a mission to personally deliver three letters to Santa Claus. But, they’re accidentally diverted by Gonzo on the way to the North Pole. Watch this Muppets Christmas special on Nov. 19.
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Duck The Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special

Donald chooses to stay home for the holidays instead of migrating home for the winter in this Mickey Mouse Christmas special premiering on Disney+ on Nov. 26.
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Ernest Saves Christmas

Santa Claus recruits a taxi driver, Ernest P. Worrell, to help him find his successor. When Santa gets into some trouble, it’s up to Ernest to help him save Christmas. Find out what happens on Nov. 26.
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Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

When Sid the Sloth accidentally ends up on the Naughty List, he makes a trip to the North Pole to make an appeal to Santa Claus himself. This Ice Age short debuts on Disney+ on Nov. 26.
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Christmas Again

An 11-year-old who isn’t handling her parents’ divorce well makes a wish on a mall Santa and accidentally finds herself reliving Christmas over and over again. Find out how she breaks the loop on Disney+ on Dec. 10.
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