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10 Of Kyla Pratt’s Best Quotes On Motherhood

The Proud Family actress has spoken candidly about life with her two daughters.

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While we may know Kyla Pratt best from our childhoods as Penny Proud in The Proud Family, she’s all grown up and has two daughters — Lyric,11, and Liyah, 8 — with her partner, Danny Kilpatrick. Over the years, she’s spoken candidly about motherhood.

My greatest. I will give everything I am to be what they need.

The most challenging part about being a mom in show business is there are only 24 hours in the day and with this job, it's very demanding.

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It’s difficult. I think I’ve got a good hang of it. But I want women to also know that I’m with you. This is not easy. But I also feel like I don’t need to just have one or the other. I can do both.

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You can do it all. You shouldn’t have to choose. And then I also try to make sure that my kids know that they can talk to me. They know that they’re important.

I'm not forcing my kids to go to anyone's house. I'm not forcing my kids to hug someone. Kids feel the energy, and they don't have to do something they don't feel comfortable doing.

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I usually talk a lot when I'm sleepy which right now of course is all the time because being a mommy you don't get a lot of rest.

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The easiest part about being a mom, in general, is that life is tough. But when you look down at that little face, nothing else matters, you just make it happen because it has to.

Finding the balance of being the ‘perfect mom’ is trying to make sure they get enough sleep, eat properly, [and then it's], ‘OK, I need to do their hair.’

I’m always moving because I’m a mom and no matter what, we don’t have days off. Even when my babies are with my mom, I can’t get anything done because I’m always calling and making sure they have this and that.

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