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Jungle Beat: The Movie is a new Netflix movie streaming in May.

See What's New For Kids & Families On Netflix In May

Including a fun animated movie about an alien befriending an elephant!

by Casey Suglia

Aliens Stole My Body

After being stranded on a mysterious planet, the Galactic Patrol embarks on a quest to find the one person who can stop the worst villain in the galaxy. Aliens Stole My Body crash lands on Netflix on May 1.
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Angelina Ballerina Seasons 5 & 6

A little mouse named Angelina becomes a prima ballerina in this adorable animated series. Two seasons of the series come twirling onto Netflix on May 1.
Angelina Ballerina/YouTube

Back to the Future

In this family friendly sci-fi classic film from the 1980s, a teen is thrown into the past, where he must ensure that his parents fall in love so he continues to exist. This movie hits Netflix on May 1.
Movieclips Classic Trailers/YouTube

Back To The Future Part II

Marty McFly and Dr. Brown reunite to travel to the future, where they meet Marty’s future son, and then return back to the ‘80s where they have to save the world, yet again.
Movieclips Classic Trailers/YouTube

Barney and Friends Seasons 13 & 14

Join Barney and his friends as they sing songs and learn in fun new ways in this beloved children’s TV series. Get reunited with Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop when seasons 13 and 14 premiere on May 1.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

A young boy tells the story of a remarkable friendship between his grandfather and a dog named Hachiko in this film starring Richard Gere. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale comes pouncing onto Netflix on May 1.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

The Central Park Zoo crew find themselves in Europe, where they are forced to hide out in a traveling circus in the third film in the Madagascar film series. Watch the film when on Netflix on May 1.
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The Land Before Time

When Littlefoot, a young dinosaur, is left orphaned, he embarks on a journey to the Great Valley to find others of his kind. The Land Before Time reaches Netflix on May 1.
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The Land Before Time 2: The Great Valley Adventure

Littlefoot and his friends decide to secretly raise a baby dinosaur as one of their own in this Land Before Time sequel. The Land Before Time 2: The Great Valley Adventure hatches on Netflix on May 1.
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Open Season

A grizzly bear and a bunch of other animals help turn the tables on hunters to help make the woods safe for each other in this animated film starring Ashton Kutcher. Watch Open Season on Netflix on May 1.
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Trash Truck: Season 2

Hank, Trash Truck, and their animal friends take on new adventures in their own backyard and beyond. Season 2 of Trash Track comes crashing onto Netflix on May 4.

Jungle Beat: The Movie

When an alien crash lands on Earth, his new crew of animal friends help him get back home and save the planet. Jungle Beat: The Movie comes crashing onto Netflix on May 14.

Spy Kids: All The Time In The World

A retired spy must get out of retirement with the help of her step kids after a villain threatens to take over the world. This film sneaks onto Netflix on May 20.
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Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Season 3

Teen campers of Isla Nublar return for another season of working together to escape an island of free roaming dinosaurs. Explore the third season of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous on Netflix on May 21.

Dog Gone Trouble

The life of a pampered pooch named Trouble is turned upside down when he gets lost and is forced to survive on the city streets. Watch Dog Gone Trouble on Netflix on May 28.

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