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Fran Drescher as The Nanny had lots of great parenting lessons.
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9 Genius Parenting Lessons From The Nanny

Because a random woman showing up at your door ends up being the best mother figure for your children, and it’s time we take some lessons from her.

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She’s the lady in red, while everybody else is wearing taaaaaaan.

And she’s got plenty of parenting lessons for you.

Takeout counts as dinner.

“I’m perfectly capable of getting dinner on the table,” Fran says, before calling Fung Lum’s for dinner in one episode. It counts.


Keep your mama around.

Fran’s mom is always around to be supportive, and sure, sometimes a little over-bearing. But she loves her daughter and her future step-grandchildren, proving that a village is always worth it.

It’s OK to let kids be themselves.

Whenever Mr. Sheffield is freaking out over his children’s decisions, Fran is always there to remind him that they have to make their own mistakes and choices. And in turn, the kids all trust Fran and confide in her.

And it’s OK for you to be yourself, too.

Fran never gave up her own style, no matter what. She made many self-deprecating remarks, but deep down, she knew who she was, and she never lost sight of it. It makes you a better parent.
Teach good eating habits.

Like Fran’s old adage that if you eat two pieces of pizza on top of each other as one, it only counts as one slice because “the body doesn’t know.” Eat what you want. And as much as you want.

Blood doesn’t make a family.

I mean, it’s the most obvious parenting lesson in The Nanny, but Mr. Sheffield’s children quickly become Fran’s children, even years before the two of them marry. She never stops loving them or treating them like her own.

Remember what it’s like to be a kid.

Crushes were worth listening to, woes about school were important — remember when Fran even killed Gracie’s imaginary friend? She always made sure they were heard and felt important and valued.
Make sure your kids can trust you.

Remember when Gracie ran away to find Fran? That was just in Season 1, not far into the show. And Fran kept that trust up with all three children for years. It’s a joy for your children to know they can confide in you and trust you.

It takes a village.

And a butler. Look, the biggest parenting lesson from Nanny Fine? Get a Niles. And then it’s smooth sailing.

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