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10 Of Patrick Mahomes’ Best Quotes On Fatherhood

From pink, fuzzy slippers to a little Black Lamborghini, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback lavishes affection on his infant daughter.

In February 2021, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews welcomed their daughter, Sterling Skye, into the world. Since her debut, Mahomes has had to let go of a few pastimes, like video games and sleep. Here are some of the NFL pro’s best quotes on fatherhood so far.

We just want to give her the most normal life that she possibly can so she can grow and have friends and learn and get better and better every single day.

We learned the two most important words in being parents is 'sleep schedule.’

I mean it’s a special thing you want to be around her as much as possible.

I’ve had to learn a lot there, probably more than I’ve learned in my entire life until now. How to take care of a baby and raise a little baby girl and try to make, give her the best opportunity and the best life as possible.

Being able to be a dad and being able to get married here soon, I’m truly thankful for that.

I would tell (my kids) to just follow their heart. That’s what my parents told me. Just go out there and whatever you do...

For me, going to workout and going home and seeing her, I’m so happy and excited to see her every single day.

She’s a pretty good baby... She doesn’t cry a ton, which is pretty good because I know the fact that she’s so good like that, I know my second baby is going to be one that cries a lot.

Definitely not as much golf and video games [since becoming a dad].

It’s gonna be something special, and I’m excited for the journey of trying to find ways to better myself and become the best dad that I can be.