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10 Heartfelt Shows Like This Is Us That Center Around Family

Each will definitely require a box of tissues to watch.

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This Is Us Season 6 premiered on Jan. 4 on NBC. This is the final season of the Pearson family chronicles and it’s sure to have some bittersweet and celebratory moments. While you’re in between episodes, here are some equally heartfelt shows to watch.

The Wonder Years

The reboot of the coming-of-age 1980s series focuses on an African American family living in 1960s Montgomery, Alabama. Watch The Wonder Years on ABC and Hulu.

The Fosters

A drama about two mothers who are raising a multi-ethnic family with both foster and biological kids. The series also shows the realistic, positive dynamics of an LGBTQ household. Watch The Fosters on Freeform and Hulu.


A relatable family comedy about an African American couple raising their four kids in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood, while also trying to secure and keep their Blackness at the same time. If you know, you know. Watch Blackish on ABC and Hulu.
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Based on novels by Julia Quinn, this is a period drama in which family, love, and honor are the top priorities for the eight siblings of the Bridgerton family and others in Regency-era England. Parental discretion is advised. Watch Bridgerton on Netflix.
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The Goldbergs

The Jenkintown family navigates us through the ‘80s with laughs and nostalgic retro memories. They remind us that no bond is greater than family, not even the mullet! Watch The Goldbergs on ABC and Hulu.
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The Conners

An everyday series about a working-class family dealing with parenting (adult children), financial pressures, and occasional quarrels. But there’s also perseverance, humor, and love. John Goodman is the patriarch in this one. Watch The Conners on ABC and Hulu.
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Family Reunion

Tia Mowry plays the mother of four, who moves her kids from Seattle to Columbus, Georgia to be closer to family. She believes in new-age parenting, but her grandparents are more old-school! Watch Family Reunion on Netflix.

Blood and Water

This South African drama series is about a teen who will do almost anything to prove the popular girl at her high school is her long-lost sister who was abducted at birth. Parental discretion is advised.Watch Blood and Water on Netflix.

A Million Little Things

This close-knit bunch is not related, but they are friends which is the closest thing to family. The drama follows their ups and downs as they cope with the loss of a mutual friend. Watch A Million Little Things on ABC and Hulu.
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A generational drama that revolves around the patriarch, the matriarch, and the families of their four adult children. Watch Parenthood on Amazon Prime.