Who will Daddy kiss?

Here’s Every Roy With Skin In The Game To Get Ready For Succession's Final Season

A little refresher on everyone vying for the Waystar Royco throne to get you spun up for the final season.

At the end of Season 3, the Roy kids teamed up against their parents, only to be back-stabbed and disinherited by their own parents. They’ll be out for revenge in Season 4, but who will Daddy kiss when all is said and done? Here’s who’s who in the Roy family.

Logan Roy

Inspired by Rupert Murdoch (or is it King Lear?), Logan is the ruthless Roy family patriarch and the ultimate puppeteer — or at least he was in his heyday. Whether or not he’s still on his game is anybody's guess.

Kendall Roy

Kendall raps, schemes, and is the second-eldest, angriest and the most entitled of the Roy kids. Succession opened with Kendall expecting to inherit the keys to the kingdom, and we have spent three seasons watching him reel from Logan’s decision to hang on to them.
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Siobhan “Shiv” Roy

Logan’s only daughter, Shiv, has often seemed like his favorite, and her political prowess makes her a shrewd strategist. Whoever’s side she’s on at the moment, we know for sure she’s always looking out for herself. However, her hubris may be her downfall in Season 4. We shall see.

Roman Roy

You can count on Shiv to stab you in the back, but you can count on Roman to look you in the eye while he does it. And probably mumbling profanity-and-innuendo laced apologies, too. Desperate for Logan’s approval, Roman’s a live wire.

Connor Roy

If Roman and Shiv are stabbing each other, Connor is surely sticking his foot in his mouth somewhere. He seems to just want to cash in, and no one expects Logan to give him more than that. His wedding’s happening in Season 4, so he’ll be around, no matter how things shake down.

Greg Hirsch AKA “Cousin Greg”

Beloved comic relief, Greg has proven himself to be more shrewd than appearances indicate. His Grandpa is Logan’s estranged brother and a WaystarRoyco board member. A total Logan fanboy, Greg may ultimately be the one clever enough to take him down.
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Tom Wambsgans

Shiv’s suck-up husband is not as bumbling as he seemed. Tom’s out for blood in Season 4, so all eyes are on him right now. Has his hazing-esque trolling of cousin Greg finally come to a head? Don’t forget: “You can't make a Tomelette without breaking some Greggs.”
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Marcia Roy

Marcia Roy is Logan’s third (current) wife, and at this point he's basically paying her to stick around for appearances. It's often not clear what drives her, but she’s not going anywhere and she’s got Logan by the pocketbook. She will not be ignored.

Lady Caroline Collingwood

Logan’s second wife and mother of his children, Lady Caroline is a cold fish who betrayed her children at the end of season 3 by rewriting her divorce agreement in Logan’s interest (and against theirs). It seems we may find out more about her agenda in Season 4.

Everybody Else

Everyone in the Roy family shares a penchant for narcissism, and their ruthless appetite for power leaves a rather choppy wake. From exes to execs and of course the gem that is Gerri, everyone in the Roy clan should probably watch their back.

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