John Dutton in Yellowstone.

Here's Who Could (& Could Not) Be John Dutton's Grandparents

We have never seen this many Johns before...

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From 1883 to 1923 to Yellowstone, the Duttons have spent the last 140 years ensuring that the only thing bigger than the sky in Montana is the drama. But a question remains about how the various characters are connected. Specifically, who is John Dutton’s grandfather?

Who is John Dutton?

If you’re confused by the question, we get it! There are at least four John Duttons that we know about so far! We’re referring to the latest living iteration, the 21st century patriarch of Yellowstone Ranch, John Dutton III, played by Kevin Costner.


John III’s father was John Dutton Jr., or John Dutton II, whom we don’t know much about except that he left the Yellowstone Ranch to John III upon his death. We also know from Yellowstone that he fought in WWII, which means he was born shortly after the events of 1923.

Here’s who we know are not John Dutton’s grandparents...


Christopher Saunders/Paramount+

Cara & Jacob Dutton

They’re septuagenarians, and do not have children of their own in 1923. There’s no way Cara can be involved. It’s not impossible Jacob could father a son at 78, but it’s pretty unlikely (and Cara certainly wouldn’t stand for it)...


Emma & John Dutton

John is the son of Margaret and James Dutton, who died in the late 1800s. Sadly, he joined them in death followed shortly thereafter by Emma in 1923. They had one son, Jack (more on him in a minute).

Here’s who could be John Dutton’s grandparents...



Elizabeth & Jack Dutton

Jack and his fiancée Elizabeth suffered a miscarriage in 1923, and while they’re painting this sad turn of events as evidence that they can’t have children, there’s no saying they couldn’t have future successful pregnancies.

James Minchin III/Paramount+

(If this is true, that would make the first John Dutton John III’s great-grandfather.)

Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Alex & Spencer Dutton

In 1923, Spencer was last seen on a dingy in the mediterranean as his “seasick” wife Alex screamed out that she would meet him in Bozeman. Could she be meeting him with a little Dutton in tow...?

Of course, there’s nothing saying there isn’t a massive, soap opera style twist coming up in Season 2 of 1923. Like, John’s grandfather might be FDR or an alien! (Unlikely but still...)


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