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these easy fourth of july crafts for preschoolers require minimal supervision
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Easy Fourth Of July Crafts For Preschoolers

Minimal supervision required.

If your kid likes to schlep around an old dead phone and a chapstick when they play pretend, then they’ll love this cute flag purse craft from Handmade Charlotte. It doesn’t take much more than a paper plate, twine, paint or stickers, and a stapler.Handmade Charlotte
Festive pinwheels and firecracker crafts are easy and fun for preschoolers, and they’ll double decor you actually want to display at your Fourth of July party. Learn how to make kid-friendly rockets here.Shutterstock
Deck the halls with these adorable DIY Fourth of July streamers from Studio DIY. Your little one may need a little help cutting out the shape (which you’ll only need to do once on folded steamers) and you can use a star cookie cutter as a guide.Studio DIY
What preschooler doesn’t want to dip their full palm in paint? This cute and easy firework craft from A Little Pinch Of Perfect is just messy enough (great for doing outside) and it looks festive and sparkly.A Little Pinch Of Perfect
For once, your kid will be encouraged to blow bubbles into a cup of liquid (just make sure they don’t take a sip because the cup will contain paint and bubble soap). Handmade Charlotte has all the deets, but basically you’ll dip paper into the frothy mix, then cut.Handmade Charlotte
You can prep this craft in advance by cutting out stars, stripes, and your kids’ handprints. Then when you need some time to get things (or to sit in silence for a few) hand over the glue stick and let them go to town.Shutterstock
A craft meets a snack with these adorable fruit skewers. Kids can help with all parts of this project from punching out watermelon stars, to stringing their skewer with their favorite fruits, to eating it all.Julie Blanner
These funky, colorful rainbows are fun to make and kids will enjoy watching their creation blow in the summer breeze (or with the ceiling fan). Learn how to make this on Lovely Indeed, and if you want to make it even more festive, add glitter or star stickers.Lovely Indeed
Use up all those old toilet paper or paper towel rolls with this DIY, kid-friendly 4th of July windsock. It doesn’t require much more than strips of crepe paper, blue paint, starry stickers and some twine, and it will look cool blowing in the breeze.Shutterstock
A DIY sparkler craft is way more preschooler friendly that handing over a flaming object. To make these, you’ll need a dowel or a straw and some kind of paper or ribbon that you can shred. A cut-up cupcake wrapper works perfectly because of its shape.Shutterstock

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