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Festive Fourth of July Sparkler Crafts

These kid-friendly projects are lit.

This easy craft packs all the brightness and fun of a sparkler, and zero of the fire or matches. The House That Lars Built has all the deets on how to make these using gold or iridescent cellophane, plus a dowel or even a straw.The House That Lars Built
If you’re planning to hand out real sparklers at your Fourth of July party, make them extra cute with these printable cards that assure everyone gets the same amount. They’re free to print here, and you could have your kids jazz them up with some glitter or stickers.Lovely Indeed
How cute is this DIY sparkler craft from Fun Handprint Hard? This comes together easily with the help of pipe cleaners (you’ll need some metallic ones for the sparkler) plus tiny hands for the flames.Fun Handprint Art
Have some tissue paper laying around from the holidays? True this cute pom pom sparkler craft. One Little Project has all the details, but it’s super easy and not too messy.One Little Project
This clever craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect repurposes an empty egg carton into something much more fun. Bust out the paint or glue and gold glitter for an engaging Fourth of July project.A Little Pinch of Perfect
This Fourth of July craft is truly a blast. The rockets from super easy to make using materials you probably already have, and it’s a fun alternative for kids who are too young to light a sparkler.Sugar, Spice And Glitter
These Fourth of July stitching cards from Handmade Charlotte are a great craft to keep older kids occupied. It’s best to print the designs on cardstock; then they can be stitched with bright-colored thread or yarn.Handmade Charlotte
Slime that looks like a sparkler? Yes, please. Kids will have so much fun with this gooey, fluffy slime they won’t even be sad they can’t light a real sparkler. Get all the info on how to make this at Sugar, Spice, And Glitter.Sugar, Spice, And Glitter
This pool noodle sparkler craft from Mum’s Creative Project is more fun than the real thing could ever be. Get ready for your child to be waving their tinsel noodle creation all day long.Mum's Creative Project