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8 Aries Nail Designs That Are Fierce & Fiery Like You

Bring on the bright red.

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If you’re an Aries, you’re probably planning a fun night out or a big birthday bash to celebrate (which you deserve). And if you want nails that are just as bold and rambunctious as you, well, you’ve come to the right place. (Spoiler: You can’t go wrong with red.)


A classic French mani looks more modern (and more bad*ss) on almond shaped nails in a vibrant red hue. Aries is ruled by Mars, aka “the red planet,” and you’ll feel right at home rocking your sign’s signature color on your nails.


If you’re not into the French tip look, opt for something abstract that will stand out in your IG stories of everyone toasting your birthday with champagne. These brush stroke designs are simple enough that you could probably do this nail art at home.

Are you obsessed with chrome nails right now? Incorporate baby pink metallic tips into your birthday set, like this mani by @omayra.nails. It includes lots of silver, shine, and subtle Aries signs, perfect for the rams who aren’t into wearing bold reds.

Same vibes, different color palette: these Aries nail designs by @nailedbyresab have purple chrome French tips with gold astrological signs and stars hand-painted on each nail.


March Aries babies, your birthstone is the aquamarine, a gorgeous light blue gem stone. If you’re not a big fan of red, opt for a bold blue manicure in honor of the jewel that represents you.


As for the April Aries gang, your birthstone is a diamond, which just so happens to look *so* good incorporated into nail designs. Check out this look, which marries red and diamond-like gem stones seamlessly.

Lean into your fire sign by turning boring French tips into flame nail art. This set by @purebeauty.jc uses a nude base so the neon red-orange flames on top really pop. This Aries nail design looks just as *fire* on short nails as it would on long ones.


Last but not least (an Aries is never least), if you want nails that scream you’re the birthday babe, these long, bright red, fiery nails should do the trick.

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