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17 Absolutely Stunning Gardens

You won’t mind getting lost amongst these breathtaking flowers, tress, and shrubs — not for a second.

Japanese wisteria looks gorgeous and romantic cascading from a wooden pergola, plus these large bloom give off an amazing sweet and musky scent when they bloom in spring.Nazli Shahi/Moment, Getty Images
Use a gorgeous summer garden filled with blue, purple, and small pops of red to make a lush border between and foot path or driveway and a boundary wall.Jacky Parker Photography, Moment, Getty Images
Wood garden boxes look beautiful, but if you’re going for a more seamless or natural look try defining vegetable plots using low sculpted shrubs.Carolin Voelker/Moment/Getty Images
The bright orange color of the koi pops against the beautiful plants that define and border a pond. When gardening near water, be sure to pick hydrophytes like water lilies or lotus, whose roots thrive in the dampness.BasieB/E+, Getty Images
Give your garden a cottage-core upgrade by taking inspiration from this teeming garden that looks right out of the English countryside. Pink blooms cover the teal pergola and perennial flowers including bright orange lilies line the gravel footpath.Jacky Parker Photography/Moment, Getty Images
Raised garden beds in close proximity to each other add dimension to a large outdoor area. At once geometric and soft, the aerial view from @farmluxe will have you growing leafy greens to your garden.@farmluxe
The arbor shape puts a fun and unexpected twist on this vegetable garden by @gardenaryco. Plus there’s nothing more summery than garden fresh tomatoes from your own backyard.@gardenaryco
Color-blocked spring annuals, like tulips and daffodils, make a beautiful modern statement especially when surrounding a more traditional fountain focal point.Darrell Gulin/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Stepping through this blooming doorway by @isabellopezquesada must be a magical experience. You can use a trellis system to make plants vertically grow up a house or outdoor wall.@isabellopezquesada
Maiquel Jantsch/Moment, Getty Images

A sea of sweet-smelling pink roses is all the eye can see in this gorgeous garden in Buenos Aires. Roses are a hardy flower with a big pay-off, and they’re beginner friendly.

This sweet garden scene looks right out of a fairy tale. The mix of perennials and annuals includes hydrangeas, petunias, zinnias, and clematis (also sometimes known as “traveller's joy”).Darrell Gulin/The Image Bank, Getty Images
Gardens don’t necessarily need flowers to be memorable. @Gartensperling’s grass, shrubs, and tress are framed by stunning architectural details that make the natural space look intentional and well-kept.@gartensperling
Fragrant fields of lush lavender give way to a pergola covered in blooms. I love how the flowers on @farmluxe shine against the backdrop of old conifers.@farmluxe
Wispy and boho wildflowers look amazing next to other natural elements like stone, wood. and woven seating. Filled with warm tones and delicate texture this garden looks polished yet inviting.@kristian.reay
Perfect for yards that don’t have a ton of green space, potted topiaries add geometric interest and elegant details to any outdoor garden.Jonelle Weaver/Photodisc, Getty Images
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Garden shrubs stay green year-round and the gorgeous and slightly industrial wrought-iron gate comes to life with the branched white blooms in the spring.