Beautiful Holiday Gift Wrapping Inspiration

The simplest way to make this season feel extra-special.

Put down the tissue paper and get inspired by these packages.

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You don't have to be an expert wrapper to make a statement with your gifts. Choose a color palette — like green and gold here — and pick different bows and wrapping paper for each gift.Shutterstock
Brown paper packages tied up with string are already classic. But add in a spring of pine and a dried orange slice, and you've got a lovely, old world gift fit for a Cratchit.Shutterstock


Neutrals are forever in style, and small things like bits of lace and twine can really make a gift feel luxurious.

When all else fails, get these lovely little pom gift tags and divert your gift recipient's attention from your bad tape job to their name on a cute tree.
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I know, these are the perfect, quintessential Christmas gifts. It's hard to imagine wrapping a Baby Yoda into one of these, but the trick is simple: put the item in a box, and then wrap the box, according to a legit Macy's gift wrapper.


Boxes are your friend. You can find gorgeous ones that require nothing but the gift inside — and maybe just a bow on top.Shutterstock
Cheap paper is a trap — don't fall for it. Thick, heavy wrapping paper is easier to work with and looks so much more beautiful.Shutterstock
And when all else fails and you have a giant stuffed animal or a scooter or some other gift you can't even begin to figure out how to wrap nicely, toss it in a pretty bag. Done and done.
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