Beautiful New Year's Cocktails & Meals To Usher In 2021

Because seriously, you deserve something nice at the end of this year.


Whether you're celebrating with your friends over Zoom or a small pod and sparklers, these meals and cocktails are pretty enough for Instagram, but won't require a whole lot of work. (And really, isn't that all we want from 2020 right now — something nice and easy?)

There are tons of recipes out there for mixing champagne into cocktails, and I love a punch of fruit, like pomegranate and citrus. Try mixing champagne and juice, or even champagne and sparkling water for something really refreshing and pretty.Shutterstock
Oysters and lobster are a very fancy way to say goodbye to 2020, and since your group is (hopefully) small this year, why not splash on the good stuff? (Oh and lemons make every meal look pretty.)Shutterstock
Manhattans are gorgeous, sophisticated, and pretty simple to make. Whip a few of these together before the champagne at midnight, and don't forget extra cherries.Shutterstock
Chicken marsala is beautiful in that "ultimate comfort food" kind of way, and is a great, easy dish to usher in 2021.Shutterstock
Celebrating with the kids this year? A cotton candy sparkling drink is perfect. Line the top of your glass with frosting and sprinkles, add in some sparkling juice or water, and toss in the cotton candy to dissolve.Shutterstock
You just can't go wrong with a sumptuous charcuterie board, and it's the perfect, low-key way to feed a family of grazers. They can pick at the platter throughout the night, and make their own little combinations.Shutterstock
You can't go wrong with a classic glass of champagne. If you're serving it with the charcuterie board, you'll want it a little warmer than straight out of the fridge, according to Wine Enthusiast. Otherwise you can keep it chill.Shutterstock
A stuffed tenderloin feels extra but isn't hard to pull off. And it looks gorgeous when sliced out on a platter.
New Year's Eve always feels like a "classy" holiday to me, so a classic, ice-cold martini with olives feels just right for the occasion.Shutterstock
Black-eyed peas and collard greens are a traditional New Year's dish meant to bring good luck and prosperity into the new year.Shutterstock