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10 Surprising Benefits Of Napping

As it turns out, if you snooze, you won’t lose.

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As indulgent as it might seem, a quick nap can actually rejuvenate your mind and body. Especially in this work from home era, when you sneak in a mid-day snooze, you can see serious benefits.

1. Improved Memory Recall

The next time you forget where you put down your glasses or what your boss just told you, try taking a nap. Studies show that napping can provide a much-needed memory boost to better remember things you just learned and make important connections.
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2. Sharpened Motor Skills

Just like a good night’s rest is important for physical performance, napping can yield similar benefits with regard to motor skills, a study in Frontiers In Psychology concluded. When you can rest during the day, your mind and body can stay sharp.
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3. Mood Enhancement

The next time you’re in a crummy mood, try to sneak in a snooze. Research shows that a short daytime rest may in fact lift your spirits, as The Mayo Clinic noted.

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4. Increased Alertness

If you feel sluggish, a short nap may help you feel more alert, according to the American Psychological Sleep Foundation. It may sound counterproductive that sleep works in this way, but a nap really is an amazing pick-me-up.
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5. Improved Work Performance

Swap your lunch break for a nap break to reap the potential benefit of better performance on the job. As Harvard Health noted, some employers, like Google, actually encourage napping at work for this reason.

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6. Less Stress

Who doesn’t want to be less stressed? Napping can potentially reduce your stress level thanks to the rest and relaxation that sleep provides, according to a study published in the academic journal, Sleep.

7. Prep For A Long Night

When you have a nursing baby, teething toddler, or overnight travel plans, try to take a nap. Studies on night-shift workers found that napping can actually help prepare the body to stay awake better during the evening hours.
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8. Improve Your Health

Research shows that a nap can be good for your heart health by helping keep your blood pressure low during stressful moments, as Harvard Health reported. Napping can even improve your body’s immune response to keep you healthier overall.

9. Better Focus

You can stay sharp and improve your ability to learn and retain information when you nap, according to The Mayo Clinic.
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10. Boost Your Creativity

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night with a great idea, you have REM sleep to thank — and napping for more than an hour can yield similar results, according to research from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.