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The Best Herbs To Grow In Your Garden

They’re pretty, practical, and delicious.

Sun-loving basil thrives in the hot summer weather. To make the most of your plant, trim it at the stem rather than pinching off individual leaves. And if you live somewhere with dry summers or are growing your plant inside, remember to water regularly.Shutterstock
It turns out rocket (aka arugula) is actually an herb. This spicy, peppery plant is the perfect base for summer salads and is delicious on grilled pizza. To grow its best, it needs sun, well-draining soil, and consistent moisture. Richard Clark/The Image Bank/Getty Images
You may not immediately think of lavender as an herb, but the aromatic plant does great with hot temperatures, well-drained soil, and afternoon shade. Use it for desserts or to make lavender lemonade.dvoevnore/Getty Images
Lemon balm is an herb in the mint family that tastes like citrusy mint (and is great in teas or as a natural bug repellent). The plant isn’t picky about the type of soil it grows in, and it grows well in sun or partial shade.Kirill Rudenko/Moment/Getty Images
Thyme loves sun, and the more it gets the stronger it tastes (it also grows well in all types of soil, even slightly rocky). If you notice your thyme sprouting flowers, they’re edible, and they won’t affect the test of the herb.DuKai/Moment/Getty Images
Rosemary is out of the hardiest herbs out there. It likes full sun but needs great drainage and little-to-no root disturbance, so a pot works well for the aromatic, earthy plant.Shutterstock
You’ll be kind of a big dill among your neighbors when you have enough of the fresh herb to share. Perfect on grilled fish or in a light yogurt dressing, summery dill does best when it has at least six hours of bright sunlight.Yulia-Images/Moment/Getty Images
Whether you’re making a mojito or a watermelon feta salad, there’s something so satisfying about snipping fresh mint from your garden or windowsill. The herb grows fast, and as a perennial, will come back next year.Barton/DigitalVision/Getty Images
Yep, chamomile is a type of herb. The cheerful plant likes partial shade, and it does well in a garden, raised bed, or in a pot. It makes a relaxing iced tea (which may make you sleepy) and the flowers themselves are edible and look beautiful as a cake decoration.Shutterstock
Sage can handle heat, so it’s a great summer herb (just make sure the soil it’s in drains well). The herb is super versatile too: Pair it with lemon in a summer pasta salad, or infuse it into honey or maple syrup.John Block/Stockbyte/Getty Images, best garden herbs to grow

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