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17 Campfire Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

You’ll want s’more of all of these.

If you’re have a dutch oven and a grill attachment for a fire pit you can make this hearty and flavorful butternut squash chili from Adventures In Cooking, perfect for warming up with on a chilly evening.Adventures In Cooking
Breakfast just got a major upgrade thanks to this campfire cinnamon blueberry bread from Taste & Tell (that’s way more exciting than oatmeal). This is decadent but actually not too hard to make, just note it cooks over hot coals and not the fire itself.Taste & Tell
A bowl of hot pasta with creamy sauce is always a hit for the whole family (and it’s an easy way to feed a crowd). The REI blog has a tasty camp recipe for one skillet pasta primavera, and it’s even quicker if you chop the veggies beforehand. LukaTDB/E+, Getty Images
Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or a side with dinner, corned beef hash from Sugar & Soul cooked over a campfire is guaranteed to be a treat. You’ll need a good cast iron skillet and ideally a grate for over the fire.Sugar & Soul
You’ll feel like you’re on a glam version of Survivor when you make this fire-roasted trout from Adventures In Cooking. The prep is so worth the reward, plus you can customize the flavor profile by using whatever herbs are your favorite.Adventures In Cooking
Paella is a fragrant and delicious medley of rice, shellfish, veggies, and meat, and it tastes amazing cooked over a smokey campfire. If you don’t have a paella pan, cook it in cast iron like this campfire paella recipe from Fresh Off The Grid.Shutterstock
Corn is a summer staple and it gets an even richer flavor when cooked over a campfire. This grilled Mexican street corn recipe from Fresh Off The Grid will show you how to cook it over a fire right in the husk. Boogich/E+/Getty Images
Yep, you can make a whole chicken over a campfire (if you have a solid cast iron pan). This za’atar-seasoned cast iron chicken recipe is brimming with Middle Eastern flavors, and the campfire gives it a deep smokey taste.Climbing Grier Mountain
For a groovy, memorable twist on classic s’mores, make DIY tie-dye marshmallows from Studio DIY ahead of time for a fun after-dinner treat with a gooey, colorful pop.Studio DIY
Bring a taste of Cajun cuisine to your camping trip with this shrimp boil in foil recipe from 50 Campfires. It can be made on a bed of coals, and the foil helps all the flavors to mingle.LauriPatterson/E+, Getty Images
Pizza is always a kid-friendly choice and cooking it over a fire gives it a similar flavor to a wood-fired oven. This campfire pizza recipe from The Kitchen Magpie shows you how to whip up a pie using a cast iron skillet (a trick you may want to replicate at home). Shutterstock
A breakfast burrito is a tasty, filling option any time of day. The key campfire-style breakfast burritos from Taste & Tell is to cook them ahead of time, then wrap tightly in foil and heat over the fire when you’re ready to feast.Taste & Tell
The campfire claypot chicken dish from I Am A Food Blog is made in the Hong Kong style and includes rice, chicken, Chinese sausage and plenty of soy sauce, garlic, and green onions. Cooking in a pot over the fire lends a savory, smokey flavor.I Am A Food Blog
Nachos make a perfect pre-dinner snack, and this cast iron skillet nacho recipe from Princess Pinky Girl is filled with flavor. Grilling in a cast iron over a fire helps the chips stay crispy and the cheese gooey and melty.rudisill/E+, Getty Images
These chicken foil packets from A Spicy Perspective take classic elements from a caprese salad (tomatoes and mozzarella) and turn them into an amazing dinner. You can assemble the packets ahead of time, then grill for a delicious meal with no cleanup.A Spicy Perspective
You can’t forget dessert on a camping trip. Sure there are s’mores, but then there are these decadent bananas stuffed with oatmeal chocolate cookies from Half-Baked Harvest. They’re cooked inside the peel and in foil.Half-Baked Harvest
Elevate your s’mores game with these grilled s’mores calzones from Half-Baked Harvest (yes, dessert calzones). You can make and stuff the dough before you set out, then all have you to do is roast them in foil over an open flame. You’re welcome.Half-Baked Harvest