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15 Quirky Chicken Names For Your Peeps

Cluck yeah.

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Chickens are so hot right now. No, we’re not talking about fried chicken or chicken cordon bleu. Raising chickens is the latest livestock craze. But you can’t start your own flock without a great list of chicken names like these.

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Colonel Sanders

Hey, the man knew his fried chicken. Surely that’s deserving of a name for one of your flock.

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Hat tip to Paw Patrol for giving us this brilliant chicken name. As any parent of young kids will tell you, Chickaletta is the name of Mayor Goodway's pet purse chicken.

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Goldie Hen

Is this going overboard? Naw.

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Liza Henelli

She rocked Bob Fosse choreography in Cabaret. Surely she makes a fitting name for a an equally limber hot chick.

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Reese Featherspoon

Enough said.

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Bradley Coop-er

A star is born, indeed.

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Cluck Norris

Walker, Texas Free-Ranger.

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Margaret Hatcher

Love British politics? Give a nod to the “Iron Lady” with this chicken name.

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Stevie Chicks

Go your own way by naming your chicken after the rock goddess.

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Hennifer Lopez

She’s just Henny from the flock.

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Bill Clint-hen


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Heidi Plume

You gotta work, cover girl!

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Whenever, wherever, you and this chicken were meant to be together.

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Henrique Egglasias

Bailamos, let the rhythm take over your chicken-naming hesitation.

Chick Jagger

If you start him up he’ll never stop.
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