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11 Refreshing Cucumber Recipes

How to use this crisp summer vegetable in unexpected ways.

Mint, lime, sparkling water or soda, and rum how could that combo get any more delicious, right? Somehow this cucumber mojito recipe from Cookie + Kate takes it up a notch.Getty

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Is your bank account begging you to stop ordering in sushi? Enjoy the taste of ahi tuna, cool cucumbers, sushi rice, and spicy mayo at home, no rolling technique necessary, with the help of this recipe from Wonky Wonderful.

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If lemonade is typically a little too sweet for you, adding cucumber can help balance the flavor. Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for homemade cucumber lemonade is basically begging to be sipped on a porch swing.

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If you have leftover cucumber lemonade, don’t miss this opportunity to use it as a base for homemade popsicles. Toss in some mint before you freeze them, a la Sip Smarter’s recipe, for that extra cooling effect. Who said veggies can’t be dessert?

Cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches are the kind of appetizer you might see on Bridgerton, so you’ll delight your friends when you serve them up in real life. Spend With Pennies’ recipe is easy and adorable.Getty

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If you need to clear out your crisper drawer, use your carrots and cucumbers to make a quick batch of pickled veggies for banh mi sandwiches later in the week. Use this how-to from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken.

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Green gazpacho is a show-stopping dish at a dinner party, or it can just be a tasty dinner at home for one. This version from Love and Lemons includes lots of cucumber, lime, and cilantro.

The Wanderlust Kitchen’s version of tzatziki sauce is authentic and full of fresh cucumber flavor. Use it as a dip or add it to, well, everything.Getty


Cucumber and melon are a match made in food heaven. Top that combo with salty feta cheese like Two Peas & Their Pod recommends and you have a salad to end all salads.

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Salt, pepper, fresh basil, and some crusty bread will take this salad from Taste of Home to the next level, but all you really need is a fresh cuke, a ripe tomato, and a good balsamic vinaigrette.

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Cucumber slices are a great base for finger food appetizers. These cream cheese and dill cucumber bites from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen are simple, savory, and a crowd pleaser.

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