10 Easter Table Setting Ideas

Bonus: your favorite Easter candy can totally work as decor.


From your kid’s sweet Easter crafts to dyed eggs and bowls of chocolate, there are plenty of easy ways to make gorgeous Easter table settings.

Take all of your best Easter treats and turn them into centerpieces with a beautiful plate and some flowers surrounding the desserts. Plus side: everyone can just grab a treat whenever they want.Shutterstock
For a rustic spring look, go grab some flowers and branches outside of your own home and use them as decoration. Super easy and super cost-efficient.Shutterstock
Any pastel napkin will work great at this sweet trick. Just follow a tutorial for making bunny napkins and pop in a little egg for an extra splash of Easter.Shutterstock
Bunny napkin rings are a sweet touch to any Easter table setting, and adding your dyed and decorated Easter eggs is even better.Shutterstock
Obsessed with these miniature eggs and nests as napkin rings. Be sure to use your favorite pastel colored napkins, too.Shutterstock
Even if you don’t have tons of Easter decor as your centerpiece, you can use lots of bright flowers and plastic eggs, along with dessert, to make a beautiful tableau.Shutterstock
How sweet are these little green birdcages filled with candles? Again, find small, spring things from around your house and repurpose them for your Easter table.Anjelika Gretskaia/Moment/Getty Images
Seriously, head to your favorite dollar store or Target’s Dollar Spot, grab a bunch of bunny ears, and put them around your plates on the table. Instant cuteness.Shutterstock
Or, just set the easter ears on the table and fill them with eggs as a sweet decoration.MEDITERRANEAN/E+/Getty Images
You can also let your kids run the centerpiece game by making cute Easter bunny crafts from toilet paper rolls to display on the table. So sweet and grandparents can take them home as gifts.Shutterstock