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Wow, These Easter Trees Are So Pretty

Simply drape festive eggs and ornaments from willowy branches to create a stunning display.

Decorating a tree or branches with colorful Easter eggs is a tradition that comes from Germany and is known as “Ostereierbaum” (Easter egg tree). Even if you’re not German, Easter trees are a gorgeous way to celebrate spring.Westend61, Getty Images
Here’s another cheerful and fun Easter tree idea from The House That Lars Built. You’ll learn how to make your own pompoms (though no one will judge if you just paint store bought ones). Terrain has really pretty branches.The House That Lars Built
If you’re lucky enough to have a flowering tree outside, dress it up for Easter (bonus points if you have a pastel birdhouse). Etsy has a bunch of egg ornaments that really pop. You’ll be the favorite neighbor on the block.Shutterstock
For a unique take on the Easter tree, DIY one (don’t worry, The House That Lars Built has you covered on the how-to). Modeled after the Swedish Easter tradition known as Påskris, which typically affixes feathers to branches, you can achieve the same look using painted paper.The House That Lars Built
There’s no reason your Easter tree has to be confined to a vase. Using greenery, pastel flowers, and plenty of eggs, @kaydeeluxedecor proves that a Christmas-tree sized Easter tree can be just the thing to welcome the Easter Bunny (and a great way to reuse your faux tree).@kaydeeluxedecor
Wavy branches and simple ornaments like the ones on this Easter tree from @njstorey make a gorgeous, understated statement. It may be hard to find this type of branch in your yard, but you can buy similar curly willow branches from Williams Sonoma.@njstorey
Eucalyptus branches look stunning in a vase, they’ll add a spa-like scent to your house, and they’ll last a long time. The darker color leaves allow bright Easter ornaments like these from World Market ($4.89) really pop.Cavan Images/Cavan/Getty Images
Sure, pastels get a lot of attention for spring, but if grayscale is more your thing, try decorating your Easter tree with black, white, grey, or speckled eggs. You can find neutral paper eggs or gray felted eggs online.Shutterstock
Not in the mood to decorate (and then un-decorate) another tree? I feel ya. This charming LED Easter tree from West Elm ($50) comes decorated and pre-strung with 50 warm lights. All you’ll need to do is pop in three AA batteries.West Elm
Yep, rainbows are for Easter too. Simple and bare branches in a classic glass vase come to life thanks to bright Easter egg ornaments and of course that rainbow scarf that acts like a tree skirt. You can find a similar colorful scarf on Amazon ( $13.86).Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography, Getty Images
An Easter tree you can use year after year? Yes, please. This porcelain Lenox tree (Amazon, $189.95) comes with the tree itself and ten beautiful spring ornaments.Lenox