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11 Pretty & Edible Flowers To Grow At Home

From your garden to your table.

If you can stand to part with a few beautiful bee balm flowers, the minty citrusy plant is lovely in desserts, salads, or teas (in tea it tastes similar to Earl Gray). All of the parts of the plant, minus the stems, are edible.Shutterstock
Every part of the nasturtium plant (the one with yellow and red flowers here) is edible including the flowers, leaves, stem, and seeds. They have a bright sweet yet peppery taste and work well in salads, on toast with avocado or hummus, or lightly cooked.Westend61/Getty Images
Often used as a beautiful dessert or drink garnish pansy flowers don’t need to be removed before eating. Most pansies, and the closely related viola flowers have an earthy sweet taste, though some, like the Johnny Jump-Up variety taste like wintergreen.Shutterstock
Many marigold plants are edible, but not all, so be sure to check the seed packet or learn more about the variety before eating. The flower itself is often described as a blend of lemon and tarragon, but just eat the petals, the rest is bitter.marion kerdine / 500px/ Getty Images
Calendula is often used in place in saffron both because of its peppery taste and bright orange color. Calendula oil (which is easy to make by pouring a neutral oil over dried petals) is great in DIY skincare too.Shutterstock
Squash blossoms typically bloom between late spring and early fall. They have a mild squash flavor (or some say radish) and are great fried, in salads, or as a pizza topping.Shutterstock
Chamomile flowers look like little daisies, and they’re easy to grow (though they do like shade). Use the flowers to make tea, add a floral pop to dessert, tarts, or salad, or infuse with almond oil for a sweet, earthy dressing.Aleksandr Zubkov/Moment/Getty Images
Unlike certain edible flowers, day liles do not have an overtly floral taste. Instead, they’re often described as similar to asparagus or green peas and can be eaten fresh or dry. Just make sure it’s a daylily as other lily varieties aren’t edible.Ali Majdfar/Moment/Getty Images
Echinacea is a sturdy plant that tolerates most soil (except very dry) so it’s easy to grow at home. Use the flowers to make a tea or a tincture (helpful in cold season because of its medicinal properties) and add some honey to make it sweeter.Shutterstock
Okay so you probably don’t grow dandelions, it’s more that hundreds of them show up in your yard. Good thing the greens are super nutritious and the heads have a honey-like flavor. Just make sure the soil is safe to eat from (no fertilizer or pesticides).Shutterstock
Not only is lavender easy to grow in garden beds and pots, once picked, it will make your house smell great, and you can use the flowers to make tea or desserts. Follow this recipe to learn how to make almost-too-pretty-to-eat lavender popsicles.Shutterstock

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