9 Garden Projects To Tackle To Get Ready For Spring

The beds won’t weed themselves!

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Aprils showers bring May flowers, but those flowers will really pop with a little garden prep. Although it’s not quite time to plant new blooms, you can start getting your yard ready in plenty of other ways. Think getting those beds in shape and pressure washing, for starters.

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If you’re going to plant some new flowers this spring, you’ll need to prep your garden beds. Enlist some help from the kids and yank those weeds out of your prime pansies’ spot. Whoever can fit the most weeds in their trash bag wins a prize, perhaps?

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Is there anything more satisfying than blasting away built-up dirt from your sidewalk, driveway, or front walk? Break out that pressure washer and get to work on a sunny afternoon. Cleaning up before you add new plants and mulch ensures you won’t wash anything away but old grime.

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Add fertilizer to your plants’ soil. Giving them a little nutrient boost will help your flowers and shrubs make the most of the spring showers and sun. Fertilizing is especially important if your plants are potted or in containers, so loosen that soil and give ‘em a snack.

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If you’ve ever considered building raised garden beds, now’s a great time. Raised beds allow you to be totally in control of your soil, which is helpful if you want to start a vegetable or herb garden outdoors. You can paint them or leave the wood visible for a rustic vibe.

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Don’t forget your vertical space, too! Whether you attach wooden crates, wall planters, or a painted wooden pallet to a wall, you can turn the side of a house or shed into more garden space. This is especially good for delicate herbs you want to keep your pets away from.

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If you want to add some color to your springtime garden, give your kiddos some clay pots and let them go wild with paint. You’ll have the sweetest planters on the block, and a physical memento of the fun afternoon you spent painting them together.

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Your lawn is kind of like the supporting cast to your garden’s main character. If you want it to pull its weight, now is the time to add some seed throughout! Mix your grass seed with wet, shredded newspaper and plop into bare spots to help your lawn grow lusher.

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When you’re choosing flowers to plant this year, consider choosing blooms that support butterflies and bees. Hydrangeas, lantana, echinacea, lavender, and many more flowering plants promote healthy pollinators, which will make your garden more beautiful in return.

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Turn your yard into a bird resort with a few easy additions. The kids will love watching them splash in a bird bath, nest in a hand-painted birdhouse, or nibble on seeds from a feeder. Oh, and hang a nest starter so your bird pals have some material to work with.