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10 Super Fun Things To Do With Googly Eyes

Because who can resist sticking those little, silly eyeballs on everything?

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These fun and simple activities are practically guaranteed to put a smile on your kiddo’s face. (And keep them occupied for at least a few minutes.)

Using giant googly eyes, your kids can create monster masks. Simply paint or color a paper grocery sack and decorate it to look like a monster. Elva Etienne/Moment/Getty Images

Stick googly eyes on all of the fruits and veggies in the house — bananas, tomatoes, and apples are all fair game.

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Googly eyes really do make the best decorations for construction paper animal creations.

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Use lonesome socks to create sock puppets using googly eyes. Attach yarn for hair.

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Recycle a finished toilet paper tube and transform it into a friendly elephant with googly eyes. This tutorial from DIY Thought shows you step-by-step how to make one.

Collect leaves and turn them into silly creatures with googly eyes and a glue stick.

Give your kids a handful of googly eyes to enhance their next Play-Doh play session. Then, watch their imaginations come alive!

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Apply googly eyes to smooth garden stones to create pet rocks. You can also paint the rocks beforehand with different colors and designs.


Paint a mason jar and decorate it with googly eyes to look like a bunny. You can also create other animals by swapping out the color scheme and adding different features. These make awesome flower vases.

Googly eyes are amazing for making seasonal crafts like bats for Halloween, pinecone reindeer for Christmas, and springtime clothespin butterflies.Jenny Dettrick/Moment/Getty Images

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