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Halloween Charcuterie Board Ideas For Kids

Get inspired by plastic skeletons and a whole lot of treats.


Halloween is a blast for kids, but here’s what I love about it as a mom: it’s a great night for “picky bits” dinner. My mom calls it that when everyone just eats little bites because they’re too excited for a full meal, and a Halloween charcuterie board is the best Picky Bits.

This looks like your typical charcuterie board until you catch sight of those mozzarella eyeballs wrapped in prosciutto. They look easy enough to make, and then you can just add some plastic spiders to creep up your snacks.

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I can not get over how creepy this skeleton charcuterie board is. Using meat to line a Halloween skull decoration can really give you the ultimate Halloween charcuterie board.

OK, let’s not pretend like Halloween isn’t all about sweet treats. Turn your charcuterie board into a dessert board with some Halloween favorites like candy corn and spooky-shaped snacks with more plastic spiders to adorn the sides.Shutterstock
And if you’re not feeling all the candy, you can go for a mixture of things like caramel corn and Halloween cupcakes to create a beautiful Halloween board.


And now that you’ve had some Halloween charcuterie board inspiration, here are some things to help you create the Halloween snack board of your dreams.

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For little hands, these Baby Bellies pumpkin Round-a-Bouts are so great to add to a charcuterie board in place of traditional crackers. They have just the right amount of crunch and great fall flavor.
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You could make marshmallows out of ghosts, or you could buy these Stuffed Puffs Monster Marsh marshmallows. They’re filled with chocolate and covered in Halloween sprinkles, and are seriously so cute and delicious.
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Who doesn’t love a fruit snack? Welch’s is one of my family’s favorites, and these snacks are shaped like haunted houses, bats, and more spooky Halloween objects. Open a few packages for your board and spread them out.
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Reese’s Pumpkins are great and all, but these white creme peanut butter ghosts from Reese’s are really fun. They’ll be such a cute pop on your board, and they’re not overly sweet thanks to all the peanut butter.
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Whether you use them for serving or to create a giant skeleton charcuterie board, you can’t go wrong with a pair of skeleton hand tongs.
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And put all of your fun Halloween charcuterie board items — from cheeses and meats to marshmallows and candy corn — on this adorable bat-shaped serving tray. You can line the sides to really show off the bat shape, or just use different parts of the wings to make snack groups.
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