9 Halloween Desserts For A Spooky Treat

From super easy to slightly more advanced, there are several cute and creepy Halloween desserts to make with your kids.

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Of course your kids will get plenty of treats on Halloween, but these spooky Halloween desserts are too cute to pass up. Most of these are super easy and just require a few ingredients, but they make a big impact.

Step one: Pipe some melted chocolate onto parchment paper in the shape of spider webs. Step two: when they’re dry, peel them off and pop them into the frosting of a cupcake for a creepy dessert.Shutterstock
Another one that just requires a pack of candy eyes and a tub of frosting — turn some little cookies into happy little monsters.Cookies with candy eyes and frosting


This one is easy-peasy. Pick up some of your favorite donuts, a pack of candy eyes, and some vampire teeth. Pop the teeth into the center of the donut and add the eyes for the perfect spooky treat.

More spooky cupcakes! Make tiny ghosts out of fondant, or even top them with marshmallows slightly melted down to make a haunting treat topper.Shutterstock

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Speaking of marshmallows, you can also just draw ghost faces on the front of them and pop them into some cute little cauldron or jar for a ghost snack.

Clearly ghosts are an easy Halloween object to model desserts after, but these little ghost meringues could not be cuter. Follow your favorite meringue recipe to make them as cake toppers or stand-alone treats.Irene Salvador / 500px/500Px Plus/Getty Images
With a bat cookie cutter, some chocolate frosting, sprinkles, and candy eyes, you’ve got all you need to make these little bat cookies. Try using just your favorite chocolate cookie recipe so that it’s super easy.Getty

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Obsessed with these little “grave” cups. Use a hard cookie to make a tombstone and fill a cup with alternating layers of chocolate pudding and crushed cookies. Add some spooky candy details and you’re all set.

Remember how popular cake pops were? Now you can turn them into eyeballs with some spooky little details and frosting.Getty