New Year's


11 Hilarious New Year's Resolutions From Kids

Seriously, why aren’t we all making resolutions like this?


It sounds silly to ask small children about New Year’s resolutions, but they’re smart. Every kid resolution is basically just them doing something they want in 2022. No pressure, no plan, no strategy — they just pick something they want to do. And I think we should do the same.

I want to draw more.

— Alice, age 7


Make more friendship bracelets.

— Daphne, age 10


I want to master a back flip on the beam.

— Adia, age 8


I want to be able to change my own sheets.

— Freya, age 6

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Ride my bike every day. Unless it’s raining. Or I’m sick or tired or something.

— Kelsey, age 9

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Learn to read and get to level 100 on Minecraft.

— Caela, age 6

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Make a stop-motion film.

— Logan, age 12


Make it all the way across the monkey bars.

— Maggie, age 6

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Bake and decorate a whole birthday cake for someone I love.

— Hannah, age 11

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Write a comic book.

— Dylan, age 14


Just keep doing whatever I want.

— Alice, age 4

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