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7 Tips To Help You Save Money At The Gas Pump As Prices Skyrocket

Because it’s hurting all of our wallets.

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Gas prices are really, really high right now due to several current events and factors. So here are a few tips for how to save a little extra money at the pump right now.

#1. There’s An App For That

There’s no shortage of apps to help you find cheap gas near you, from Waze, Gas Buddy, Gas Guru, AAA, and Geico can all lead you to the best price at the pump!
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#2. When In Doubt: Google

No app required. Just type in “cheap gas near me” and you’ll get the price per gallon at your nearby stations!

#3. Join A Warehouse Club

Wholesale retailers like Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club often have the cheapest gas prices around... for their members. It costs to join, but depending on your family's shopping & driving habits it might be worth looking into!

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#4. Shop At Grocery Stores With Fuel Reward Programs

Did you know that stores like Safeway, Kroger, and Stop & Shop offer fuel rewards programs? Everyone needs groceries, so check out a fuller list of stores here to see if you can save.

#5. Pay Cash

Ever notice how the big signs outside of gas stations say one price, but when you get to the pump – surprise! – the price per gallon is 10¢ more? It’s less convenient, but might be worth the dollars saved to pay in cash.
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#6. Join A Gas Station’s Fuel Rewards Program

Most gas stations offer fuel rewards programs that either give you points or small discounts per gallon. This is a good choice for folks who tend to go to the same place when they fuel up.

#7. Get A Credit Card With Gas Rewards

If you must spend money on gas, why not get some money back for it? Certain credit cards offer cash back options – usually between 3% and 5% – for every dollar you spend at the pump.
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We’ll level with you: None of these tips are going to save you a ton of money...

... But when it comes to prices like these, even a little bit can help!

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