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How To Throw An Awesome Olympics Party For Kids

Because this year, you’re going for the gold.

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Celebrate the spirit of unity and sportsmanship of the Olympic games with a celebration fit for a gold medalist. While you cheer on you favorite athletes, enjoy themed games, food, and plenty of fun with your kids.

Play Olympic Games

Turn your backyard or home into an Olympic-themed course. Kids can backstroke through an inflatable pool filled with plastic balls, race across a balance beam, or toss beanbags at an archery target — anything goes!
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Serve Olympic-Themed Snacks

Food is an essential part of any party. Cheer on Team USA while sipping on a red, white, and blue milkshake (this recipe from A Beautiful Mess is a great one to try), or make Olympic-themed snacks like gold-medal nachos and Olympic ring-shaped cookies.

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Watch Old Viral Olympic Moments

Remember the first time Simone Biles competed at the games? What about the ’96 Olympics where gymnast Keri Strug landed on a broken ankle and got gold? YouTube has plenty of iconic clips available to relive these glorious moments.

Make An Opening Ceremony

Congrats! Your home is now your Olympic party’s opening ceremony. Hang banners, play music, wave flags, introduce the competitors and their sports — use as much fanfare as the real Olympic opening ceremonies.
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Make Your Own Medals

The gold, silver, and bronze medals earned at each Olympics are symbols of years of hard work and determination. Talk with your kids about the significance of the medals while you craft your own. All you need is ribbon, paper circles, and a bit of creativity.

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Make Scoring Cards

You and your kids can get in on the Olympic action by acting as judges and score the events as you watch together. You can also keep track of Team USA’s medal count with this free printable from Create Craft Love.

Learn About Competing Countries

Pick a country other than the USA for each guest at your party to represent and talk about. You can learn about the country’s culture, its athletes, past wins, and more.
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Make Olympic Decorations

You and your kids can hang flags, create banners, or make a massive replica of the Olympic rings to display at the party. Use poster boards, glitter, stickers, markers, and whatever else you can get your hands on to create your Olympic decorations.

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Make An Olympic Torch

One of the most iconic parts is watching the Olympic flame be carried from city to city in relay before finally landing in place at the opening ceremonies. You and your kids can make your own Olympic torch at home with this tutorial from Fun Family Crafts.