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Erin Harding and Morgan Doane’s Instagram account @houseplantclub is truly a visual paradise. Their new book, How To Plant A Room: And Grow A Happy Home ($16.99), is just as satisfying to leaf through. Keep reading for a peek of all the #plantshelfie inspo it has to offer.

Brad Cannign from Leafy Lane @leafy.lane

Good things come to those who wait, as this cluster of avocado seed planters proves.

TIP: “One of the easiest ways to determine which plants work best in which light, is to think about them in their natural environment,” advise Harding and Doane.

Working with a dark room? Install grow lights (easier than it sounds) in a glass cabinet (this one is from IKEA), and you have an unexpected(ly beautiful) indoor greenhouse. Morgan Doane and Erin Harding
Or, if the room already gets a lot of natural light, position a glass display case near it and fill it with potted greens. Cecilia Moller / living4media
Tightly nestle an army of houseplants to recreate this impressive and modern display. Here, they sit on a low, wide cabinet, but it would look equally impressive if they were simply sitting on the floor. The pots are all white, but the variety of textures creates visual interest. Darrington Reid
Always forget to water your plants? When this self-sustaining terrarium is built properly (instructions are in the book), you only need to pop the lid every few months to let it breathe.TIP: If using your own cuttings, propagate them first so you know the roots will grow. Regula Roost for Green Bubble,
Even a simple propagation project can be a thing of beauty. The book includes DIY steps to create a cement base to hold a row of delicate vials. Picture them running down the center of a long dining table, or across the width of a windowsill or mantel. Brayden Smith @bcsimaging
A novel idea: planting greens in your side table. For this project, you’ll need a side table (or even bar cart) with a strong, non-porous tray-like top (the one pictured here is 1-3/4” tall). TIP: Cactus and succulents are ideal for this project. Morgan Doane and Erin Harding
This is your sign to finally learn how to make those hanging planters you’ve been pining over. The book teaches you how to make them using macramé cord and wooden rings and beads. They’re surprisingly hard to mess up. Hang them from a sturdy branch. Ekaterina Aleksandrova, Evening Sun Macrame @esmacrame
Think of all the vertical space you can utilize to display your beloved greens once you’ve mastered the art of making plant hangers. Evelyn Sisco @greenwithenvy
In lieu of picture frames, consider a gallery of houseplants. Watering them might be a little tedious, but the wall-mounting rings are actually quite inexpensive. Danya Friedman @elvysweethome
Sometimes, more really is more. Seija @plantsandcollecting

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