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10 Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Sides

Because it just wouldn’t be Turkey Day without them.

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Chances are, your kids are going to be too excited to see their cousins to worry about food, but other than rolls, here are some delicious kid-friendly Thanksgiving sides everyone will want.

This creamy baked macaroni and cheese from A Cozy Kitchen takes all of the things kids love about mac and cheese and amps it up a little for the grown-ups at the table. Even if this is all they eat, they’ll be satisfied.A Cozy Kitchen

Most kids don’t love cauliflower, but this loaded and mashed version from All The Healthy Things has enough garlic, bacon, and cheese included to give a side dish that usually gets the side-eye a total upgrade.

Few kids will turn their noses up at a side dish covered in gooey marshmallows like this Instant Pot sweet potato casserole from Damn Delicious. It’s like they get to have dessert during their meal.Damn Delicious

There’s nothing better than a big pile of these easy, simple, slow cooker mashed potatoes from Budget Bytes to make a kid plate an actual kid plate. Whether they take the gravy or not, this is a definite winner.

A sweet and savory dish, these brown sugar baked beans from Cooks With Soul are a must at your kid’s Thanksgiving table. If your kid’s a bacon fan, this is an even bigger win for them. Cooks With Soul
For kids, Thanksgiving dinner is really all about the rolls — it’s pretty much the only thing they want. This recipe from My Forking Life for soft dinner rolls comes together in your air fryer in about 35 minutes.My Forking Life

OK, I know, but hear me out. These garlic green beans from Simply Lakita are simple enough to not overwhelm, but you can also skip the topping if you know your kids will find the tiny flecks of garlic “too fancy” to consume.

For a super easy, kid-friendly dish, try this boiled corn on the cob from Natasha’s Kitchen. Every kid can chow down on some corn, and it’s another quick bite for them to enjoy before they go snooping for Christmas gifts.

This roasted broccoli from Simply Scratch is such an easy dish to whip up, and won’t take any time at all in your Thanksgiving prep. This is the only way my kids will eat broccoli, so I’m going to skip the fancy recipes.Simply Scratch

For a dish full of Thanksgiving flavors, try this cranberry applesauce from Wholefully. The bright color and punchy flavors will entice kids to try something new, and you just can’t wrong with a tangy applesauce.