Labor Day

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16 Food & Drink Recipes To Make Labor Day Weekend

Enjoy the final days of summer with these delicious recipes.

Grilled corn is always a hit, but this recipe for grilled Mexican corn by Averie Cooks will blow you away. Since it calls for chili powder, cayenne powder, and paprika, it’s especially good for anyone who likes their food to have a bite. Averie Cooks
Add a little heat to your weekend with A Pretty Life in the Suburbs’s recipe for jalapeño bacon cheddar burgers. Just add in some jalapeños, cheese, bacon, and some spices to your ground beef before you toss them on the grill this Labor Day weekend. A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
Soak up the last few days of summer with these delicious frozen tart cherry mojito poptails from Jelly Toast. They’re full of fresh ingredients and the perfect excuse to use up the last of the mint you grew this year. Jelly Toast
While this chantilly cake from Simply Delicious may look intimidating to make, it’s actually really easy. It’s just fresh berries and whipped cream sandwiched between three layers of sponge cake for a fresh and light dessert that’ll be a long weekend hit. Simply Delicious
If you want to make a dish without meat, Cookie + Kate has an excellent recipe for vegetarian stuffed peppers that will be a real crowd-pleaser. They take about an hour and a half to make and pair well with tortilla chips and margaritas. Cookie + Kate
These grilled sweet potatoes from Love & Lemons are easy to make and taste so good. Simply boil the potatoes, then slice them into round pieces, toss with avocado or olive oil, add some seasoning, and grill for three to five minutes. Love & Lemons
If you ended up with a surplus of basil this year, whip up Mom on Timeout’s recipe for basil lemon drops. Since all of the ingredients are freshly prepared, down to the simple syrup, each sip will practically taste like summer.Mom on Timeout
The best summer foods are grilled or fresh, and this vegetarian grilled summer salad from Cookie + Katie is a little bit of both. Grill up some bell peppers, corn and onions, then mix them with salad ingredients and some chili lime dressing for a delightful dish.Cookie + Kate
Step up your s’mores game by recreating this s’mores party platter made by Jelly Toast. Fill the serving plate with your favorite cookies, crackers, chocolate in various forms, fruit, caramels, nuts, and, of course, marshmallows, light up a fire, and enjoy. Jelly Toast
Treat your guests (or just yourself) to this recipe for summer rosé sangria from A Cozy Kitchen. Homemade strawberry syrup sits with rosé, Cointreau, and fresh fruit for two hours so the flavors can really blend together. A Cozy Kitchen
Fresh strawberries in the summer are the best, which is why The Crepes of Wrath’s recipe for fresh strawberry cake and frosting is so great. To make it even better, serve each piece with a dollop of Cool Whip or a scoop of ice cream.The Crepes of Wrath
For a vegan-friendly summer dish, try Pickle & Honey’s recipe for a vegan BLT sandwich with rice paper bacon. It takes a bit of work since the herb aioli and tomato habanero jam are homemade, but the end result is totally worth it. Pickles & Honey
How refreshing do these easy-to-make watermelon margaritas by A Cozy Kitchen look? Blend and strain some watermelon, then combine with some tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice. Let it sit for a couple hours and drink it all Labor Day weekend long. A Cozy Kitchen
Princess Pinky Girl’s recipe for grilled potato wedges is really simple and since so much of the flavor comes from seasonings, it’s easy to change it up to your taste. Serve them as is right off of the grill, or add cheese and bacon for a loaded style.Princess Pinky Girl
Grilled kabobs are a classic summer dish, and Well Plated puts a Greek twist on them with a special marinade and a sprinkling of feta cheese. It’s a crowd-pleasing dish your Labor Day crew will love. Well Plated
Homemade cheesecake can be a bit of a challenge, but this recipe for wild berry cheesecake bars from Hummingbird High is worth it. Follow their step-by-step guide for making your own graham cracker crust and filling with white chocolate, cream cheese, and berries. Hummingbird High