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14 Easy Last-Minute Halloween 2022 Costume Ideas

We’re down to the wire, friends.

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When it comes to last-minute Halloween costumes, it’s amazing what some moms can do with a sheet, craft scissors, and a stapler. For the rest of us, there's always Amazon Prime.

Pop Star

All you need to make this last-minute Halloween costume is a fun outfit and a toy microphone. Of course, you could pick a someone specific like Lady Gaga or Beyonce, but just plain “pop star” works, too.
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Basic Witch

Use a witch hat to top off the unofficial uniform of fall (cozy sweater, leggings, UGG boots, a scarf, etc.) and pick up a PSL to carry while you trick-or-treat. Bam, you’re a basic witch.
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The Bear

Jeremy Allen White stole our collective hearts in 2022, and now you can steal his look as a last-minute Halloween costume. All you need to recreate Carmy’s The Bear look is a plain white tee and a blue chef’s apron.


If your kids already have a flannel and some jeans, a lumberjack is a simple last-minute Halloween 2022 costume to put together. Add some toy tools and draw on a faux beard to complete the look.
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Black Cat

One of the easiest last-minute Halloween costumes that works for all ages is a black cat. Grab a pair of cat ears, wear head-to-toe black clothing, and draw on some whiskers with black eyeliner. It’s really that simple.


Quinta Brunson in Abbott Elementary is a comedic gem. Her sweater and skirt combos are always on-point, and you probably have something similar in your closet. To re-create her look last-minute this Halloween, just add a lanyard.

Rosie the Riveter

An easy, last-minute Halloween costume that also honors a feminist icon? Say no more. All you need to become Rosie the Riveter is a denim shirt, a red bandana, and a take-no-sh*t attitude.
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Eddie Munson

Even if it’s too late to order a Hellfire Club tee, you can still rock a last-minute Eddie from Stranger Things costume. Cut the sleeves off a jean jacket, throw it over a leather one with a baseball tee underneath, and a killer perm up top.

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To put together a pirate costume last-minute for Halloween, all you really need is a striped shirt and an eye patch. You can top it off with a pirate hat if you have one, a red bandana, or draw on a goatee with eyeliner.

The Dropout

Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes in The Dropout is beyond intense, but her look is one of the easiest to pull together as a last-minute Halloween costume. A black blazer over a black turtleneck, a low bun, and a fierce red lip is all you need.

Yoga Instructor

A yoga instructor is an easy last-minute Halloween costume for adults and kids alike. You already live in athleisure wear anyway, so grab a mat and embrace it.
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Sparkly Wings

Sparkly wings are a versatile accessory for last-minute Halloween costumes like a butterfly or a fairy — and there’s probably already a pair in your kid’s dress-up bin. Wear a pretty dress and add a crown to make it a fairy princess costume.
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This is one last-minute Halloween costume that’s so easy, it’s scary. You know the pair of skeleton Halloween PJs you buy your kid every year? They totally work as a costume.

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