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13 Leaf Crafts You'll Actually Want To Keep

These fall projects are unbe-leaf-ably cute.

It’s fun to go on a nature walk with your kids to see what you can find for your next project. This craft from One Little Project is a creative (and free, minus the glue) way to spend a chilly autumn afternoon.One Little Project
For autumn decor that stays vibrant all season, try a DIY felt leaf hanging project. A Beautiful Mess offers a free template for getting the leaf shapes just right (they’re bigger than they look), but you could also trace inside a leaf cookie cutter.A Beautiful Mess
From Paper & Stitch comes this pretty leaf place card setting, perfect for an autumn dinner party. This one’s made from the leaf of a fiddle leaf fig tree, but it would also work well with fallen leaves pressed in wax paper.Paper & Stich

This is a classic fall craft for a reason. This Grandma Is Fun breaks down all the steps for leaf printing. There’s not much more to it than collecting leaves and grabbing some paint, but it’s a great craft that will provide at least a half hour of fun.

This Grandma Is Fun

These DIY animal crowns with leaf ears, courtesy of Handmade Charlotte, are giving me major Where The Wild Things Are vibes. Plus it’s a good way to use up some of the brown paper grocery bags that are stuffed in a drawer or under the kitchen sink.Handmade Charlotte
This rainbow paper leaf garland from The House That Lars Built proves that a fall color palette doesn’t have to be all browns and oranges. Using textured crepe paper and the free leaf template in the tutorial makes this look especially elevated.The House That Lars Built
Aunt Peaches has an easy fall leaf craft the whole family can enjoy. Kids will love to be in charge of gathering leaves, then you’ll just need metallic gold markers for decorating.Aunt Peaches
Yep, neons and bold patterns have a place in autumn crafts. Barley & Birch has the steps for making this cool leaf collage using photocopied foliage, tissue paper, glue, and chalk. Easy-peasy.Barley & Birch
If you’d rather not scoop out slimy pumpkin seeds or bust out the carving knives, try a leaf-covered pumpkin inspired by this one from Girl Loves Glam. These use faux leaves you can find at a craft store, and it will still look good on your doorstep in November.Girl Loves Glam
The streamer garland looks beautiful whether you rest it on a mantel, hang it from a doorway, or put it into a vase. Made with real leaves, the tutorial on the The House That Lars Built shows how to get the look, and all you’ll need is glue.The House That Lars Built
Your guests will do a double take when they see these crimson roses that are actually made of intricately folded leaves. It looks complicated, but the tutorial from Pink Stripey Socks take your through each step of the folding process.Pink Stripey Socks
This simple yet impactful craft from Projects With Kids looks a bit like fossilized foliage. The key here is to find (or have your kids find) big rocks and small leaves.Projects With Kids
A flower crown, but make it fall. Handmade Charlotte has all the tips and tricks for making a gorgeous autumn crown using fresh leaves, double-sided tape, and a paper bag.Handmade Charlotte