Libra Season

Cloud nail art with extension nails on nude and light blue nails, showcasing Libra nail designs.

11 Gorgeous Libra Nail Design Ideas

Balanced, beautiful, and charming — just like you.


With sky blue hues inspired by the air sign, symbols that reflect the scales of justice, and hints of shimmery opal to represent the Libra birthstone, Libra nail designs are all about balance and beauty.

Dress up classic nude nails with delicate Libra-inspired celestial touches like line-drawn star signs and pops of sparkle like this look from @nailexecutive. Polished, pretty, and 100% on-point for Libras.@nailexecutive
These easy-to-use Libra nail decals from Etsy are perfect for a fun DIY mani at home to celebrate your astrological sign. The set includes 52 transparent water slide nail decals with the Libra sign symbol, stars, and scales in 5 colors.Etsy
Ruled by Venus, Libras are all about love and beauty. Clouds, shimmer, hearts, and the Libra symbol don this lovely pink and fuchsia zodiac manicure from @nailmntech. @nailmnech
Libra is an air sign, so a manicure with puffy clouds on a turquoise backdrop is a fitting choice. This look is flirty and fun, but somehow simultaneously serene, just like a Libra’s personality.Shutterstock
The gold foil Libra nail design on this gel manicure from @nails_by_j is a beautiful way to show off your zodiac sign. @nails_by_j
Libra love, but make it press-on. This zodiac-inspired Libra nail set from Etsy seller Pressed By Madi is customized with Libra symbol accents, cloud details, gemstones, and rosy hues.Etsy
Create the kind of balance and harmony Libras are known for with grey shimmer tips on a light pink base. This Libra manicure will also give you total opal birthstone vibes.Shutterstock
Rock a celestial Libra nail design look this fall with a press-on set from the Etsy shop RockYourPressOns. You can even customize this dreamy cosmic set with your desired nail length.Etsy
This Libra nail design from @kitty.nailsart is reminiscent of the night sky with shimmery black and deep blue polish, sparkly stones, and the Libra star formation. The set’s symmetry also speaks to the Libra’s desire for balance.@kitty.nailsart

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