You'll Get The Horns

Woman's hand with long nails and green manicure with bottles of nail polish

Taurus Nail Designs For A Perfect Earthy Manicure

Tauruses are known for being level-headed and steady, but these manicures can get super fancy if you want.


Taurus nail designs can vary from focusing on love (thanks to Venus) to botanicals (thanks to the earth sign) to even solid colors like green and blue (odes to emerald and sapphire, the gemstones for Taurus). They can be simple or complicated — just like a Taurus.

The sparkles, the pink, the almond shape — everything about these Taurus nails from Marza Studios is so pretty. The gems make out the constellation for Taurus, and the pink is a nice touch to one of the colors associated with the star sign.Marza Studios/Instagram