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Little Miss Memes That Speak To Our Mom Souls...

It’s a Little Miss #MomLife thing...

The original Mr. Men & Little Miss characters by Roger Hargreaves are simple and colorful, reflecting distinct characters back to kids. They also make perfect memes. These are our favorites.

“I’m just going in for laundry detergent & a new water bottle... & surely it won’t hurt to look at the dollar spot... or the home decor section... & you know the kids could probably use some new pants & OMG is that dress only $20? Oops. I just spent $150.”Instagram| @ilovethe00s
There are lots of ways moms are different. Working moms & SAHMs. Moms of toddlers, newborns, or older kids. But one thing every mom has in common? She never, ever has enough time for any of it.Instagram|@littlemiss.wtf
The Duke gathered her to his muscular chest, brushing her hair away from her face as she trembled in anticipati-... *slams book shut* GO AWAY THIS IS MOMMY’S SPECIAL READING TIME!Instagram|@Sj_bookshelf
I mean, let’s be honest: “alone time” is mostly a myth for the first, like, at least five years of a kid’s life but that just mean whatever tiny moments we can snatch for ourselves are that much more special.Instagram|@littlemisswtf
Whomst among us hasn’t been there? Lots of us have been living at exactly this point since they were born & that we haven’t broken yet is a miracle.Instagram | @ilovethe00s
We’re just saying that it’s worked so far. We’re still alive &, more importantly, awake. We’ll eat a real meal again once things calm down. (Hint: they never actually calm down.)Instagram | @starbucksslayqueen
*Jingle Bells intensifies...* (Ok, we admit, this one isn’t specific to mothers, but kids make Christmas more exciting so parents get more into the holiday than a lot of other adults.)Instagram | @starbucksslayqueen
Look, babysitters are expensive, but drinking wine & reading books is free (you know, except for the wine and the time spent getting a library card).Instagram | @Sj_bookshelf
We don’t know exactly when hard seltzer became a part of mom culture but we’re not sad about it. (Also #Grapefruit4Life.)Instagram | @starbucksslayqueen
Because sometimes there’s literally nothing to be done but scream into the void. The void doesn’t judge & is always there for you. The void asks for nothing in return, only your screams. The void is often a mom’s best friend.Instagram | @ilovethe00s