Fall Florals

A pumpkin flower arrangement with wildflowers inside of an orange gourd on a table with small white ...

Beautiful Pumpkin Flower Arrangement Ideas To Inspire You

Simply gourdeous.

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No vase? No problem. Get inspired by these autumnal arrangements that use pumpkins to hold beautiful bouquets. Perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece, or as everyday fall decor indoors or out.

Showcase an artistic array of pale blooms fit for a wedding bouquet with plenty of wild greenery inside of a bright orange pumpkin for a pop of color.Galina Zhigalova / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images
The pop of bright purple in this arrangement is just so pretty. You can add succulents to your pumpkin flower arrangement to give your gourd a zen vibe. Elena Fantasia/Moment/Getty Images


You absolutely don’t have to use a real pumpkin to create a pretty fall centerpiece. In fact, it will last longer if you don’t. This pumpkin flower arrangement is set up in an elegant golden gourd.

Looking for a way to repurpose your jack-o’-lantern after Halloween? Cut out the spooky facade and stuff it with a colorful floral arrangement to transform it into beautiful fall decor for your front porch.Shutterstock
A pumpkin flower arrangement like this one is a bright and lovely way to set your Thanksgiving table. Set it on top of an unfinished wood slice with the pumpkin’s top set to the side for a rustic look.Shutterstock
This spa-inspired color palette with green, teal, grey, and cream is a a whole vibe. Cluster stuffed pumpkins around your pumpkin flower arrangement for added interest. Elena Grigorovich/Moment/Getty Images


Spray paint your gourds and set your pumpkin flower arrangements on plant tables outside to create a unique and welcoming fall display.

It just doesn’t get more gourd-eous than fall florals in orange hues inside of a white pumpkin. Sprays of wildflowers and eucalyptus leaves complete this autumnal arrangement.Shutterstock
This pumpkin flower arrangement idea is perfect for when you just have a few blooms to display. It sort of looks like a hamburger, but it also totally works.Shutterstock


One stylish way to bring the outdoors in is to decorate your table with a pumpkin flower arrangement that’s full of leaves and rustic appeal with just a few bright blooms to set off the display.

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