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12 Handy Pumpkin Patch Tips For Kids

Go big or gourd home.

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A trip to the pumpkin patch is supposed to be a fun family outing. But when you go pumpkin picking with kids in tow, things don’t always go as planned. Make the most of your trip with these tips and tricks.

Research local pumpkin patches. Some are big farms with corn mazes to explore and games to play, but others are just gourds in an open lot. Do you want to simply pick a pumpkin or do you want a full-on fall festival?Annette Bunch/Moment Open/Getty Images

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Go early in the season to have your pick of the patch. Pumpkin patch selections dwindle in the days leading up to Halloween, so take your kids in early October to get the best gourd possible.

Wear the right shoes. Closed-toed shoes are always a good idea at a pumpkin patch and your kids might even need boots if the ground is Images
Check the weather and dress accordingly. You can even pack a change of clothes for the ride home if you expect to get muddy or wet.Christopher Kimmel / Alpine Edge Photography/Cavan/Getty Images

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Pack some sunscreen and maybe wear a hat. Most pumpkin patches are uncovered and out in the open. Even if it’s cool out, the sun’s rays can still do damage to the skin. No parent wants to trick-or-treat with a sunburned kid.

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Time your trip just right. With young kids, go on a weekday morning when the older kids are in school to avoid crowds. Otherwise, early on a weekend morning may be your best bet.

Skip the fancy fall outfits. I know — but honestly, nobody on Instagram cares if your kid is wearing a smocked jumper and itchy tights. They’ll complain less in a basic tee and comfy pants, I promise.kali9/E+/Getty Images

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Don’t stress if your kids don’t want to pose for photos. You can still cherish candid snaps and photos of your toddler crying because they can’t carry a giant gourd for years to come.

Bring or buy snacks. Nobody has fun when they’re hungry. Plus, a tasty treat may be the only hope you have of getting your kid to sit on a pumpkin and smile next to a scarecrow.EyeWolf/Moment/Getty Images
Bring or borrow a wagon or wheelbarrow. Not only can you cart little ones around in it, but it’s also great for hauling your pumpkin(s) to and from the car.shaunl/E+/Getty Images

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Consider wearing your baby in a carrier. It’s way easier that carrying them or navigating tight rows of gourds and a muddy patch with a bulky stroller.

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Let your kids pick their own mini pumpkin. Even if you have your eye on the perfect pick to carve an epic jack-o’-lantern, little ones are less likely to whine or cry if they get their very own little orange prize.

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