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Inspiration Board: Gorgeous Raised Garden Beds

From keeping out critters to saving your back, there’s a lot to love about raised beds.

Thatched garden beds lend a rustic, earthy charm to any outdoor space. Here, nasturtium, lettuce varieties, and flowers all flourish together.fotolinchen/E+/Getty Images
Seedlings and young tomato plants do particularly well in raised beds because they like warm soil. Plus the red brick boxes match the fresh tomatoes.Shutterstock
Get your summer salad recipes ready because lettuce grows quickly, especially in the warmth of a raised bed. With this much greenery, you’ll need a place to sit while you pick your dinner.Westend61/Getty Images
Here purple hydrangeas are in full bloom in a raised bed, which promotes drainage so they get the right amount of water (they need just the right amount). Plus, the warmth of the soil means you can plant earlier for a longer season.Shutterstock
It’s actually pretty simple to convert a wagon into a planter, and you can leave it stationary or roll it around the yard so it always finds the light.Shutterstock
This community garden bed shows what can happen when your plants get plenty of love. Lettuce needs a lot of water, and moisture-loving plants do well in beds because the soil stays moist longer than it would in the ground.Steve Clancy Photography/Moment/Getty Images
Make a statement with tiered raised beds constructed from shale rock. Another thing to love about garden beds is that they don’t need to be weeded as much.Shutterstock
One of the cool things about using a garden in a city, like these hexagonal beds, is that because you have total control of the soil, you don’t have to worry about runoff or other contaminants making their way into your plants.Kris Wong/Moment/Getty Images
Think outside the box (or inside the tub). Not only does a bathtub planter look fun in a yard, but it comes with a built-in drainage system. If you’re willing to do some TLC, shop a salvage center where you can find a cheap tub that needs some love.Shutterstock
Here borage, tomatoes, lettuce and pansies mingle together in a L-shaped garden bed. One of the perks of a bed is that they can be installed in places you wouldn’t be able to grow in the ground, like over tile or stone.Shutterstock
No soil? No problem. A simple metal bed on a rooftop garden is perfect for growing summer crops in an urban environment. Plus, using a raised bed is much easier on the back because you won’t be bending as far.Shutterstock
One of the great things about raised beds is that you’ll likely get fewer critters visiting (or peeing on) your plants. Higher sides also make it more difficult for slugs to feed on your fruit and veggies.David Burton/The Image Bank/Getty Images