12 Pretty Nail Design Ideas For Spring

Stickers, sponges, and more will help you pull these off.

Daisies but make it edgy. This cool spring manicure from matches the inside of the flower to the tip of the nail in a cool ombre effect that finishes with an orange thumb. You can try flowers at home using a dotting
This spring manicure from Kyle of @hernameskyle uses geometric elements you can do at home. A set of nail art tools will help get the job done; usually these sets include brushes and dotting tools of different widths to help you *nail* those arches, dots, and wavy lines.@hernameskyle
A natural base lets the funky, brightly colored swirls pop in this design from Emma of @thegeldesign. If you have a fine brush and the patience to let each wave dry before adding the next, this one’s fun to recreate at home.@thegeldesign
Floral nails in unexpected colors, like these blue vines by Hailey of @nailsby.hails, always look fresh. If you have a super fine brush and a steady hand, try this at home; it helps to pour some polish onto a dish or cardboard so you can control how much goes on the brush.@nailsby.hails
This mani looks intricate but if you can draw a straight(ish) line, then try this at home. What takes this look from @beautifiedbyreannah to the next level is the tortoise stripe; try a sheer brown polish and dotting tool to get those tiny black flecks just right.@beautifiedbyreannah
It doesn’t get much springier than butterflies, rainbows, and flowers. This design from @mynailgirlcoco is a fun way to use a bunch of colorful polishes, or recreate this look using floral and butterfly nail decals over a pink polish. @mynailgirlcoco
Yep, you can still use a dark polish for spring. Here a deep blue gets a spring vibe thanks to glittery pink lines. You can find out exactly how Christine of did this by watching this
Blue and green look fresh and cool for spring nails. While the flamingo may be best left to the pros, try these ferns using a fine brush (try turning your nails toward you when doing nail art, which will cause the finished product to face away from you).Shutterstock
You can’t go wrong with a classic pink manicure like this French ombre style from @beautifiedbyreannah. Apply the polishes in a gradient to a makeup sponge, then press onto your nails and use a shiny topcoat to smooth out any texture.@beautifiedbyreannah
If you think this style is beyond your ability, then you’ll be happy to know that temporary nail tattoos exist. All you need to do is paint your nails and let them dry, then add the small designs to your nails with water, just as you would any temporary tattoo.Shutterstock
Make sure your nail art doesn’t smudge by using a floral nail sticker. Just paint your nails, wait for them to dry (like, really dry) then add the sticker and follow with a top coat. A sticker is also a great way to hide an annoying polish chip.Shutterstock