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15 Festive Saint Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Signature drinks, decor, games, treats, and more.

To throw a memorable Saint Patrick’s Day party, you’ll need everything from invitations to decor to treats and drinks. Here are some ideas to help you get planning.

What’s a Saint Patrick’s Day party without an invitation? This one from Zazzle is perfect if you’re hosting something for adults, but if you’re throwing a kids bash, then it’s probably best to opt for a design that doesn’t have a mug of beer front and center. Zazzle
Green is the go-to color of Saint Patrick’s Day, but rainbows also deserve a little love (after all, you find leprechauns at the end of them). Add some color to your party decor with this DIY rainbow balloon arch that looks like something out of a dream. The House Lars Built
If there is one piece of decor you can’t go wrong with on Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s anything with a shamrock. If you’re serving up a meal, consider putting a few real ones at each place setting like in this photo. Jupiterimages, Getty Images
For a colorful piece of Saint Patrick’s Day decor that’s also a fun craft, check out this DIY Lucky Charms wreath. You’ll need a 12” chipboard wreath, a box of Lucky Charms, a ribbon, some glue, and the willpower not to eat any marshmallows until the craft is done. DIY Candy
If there’s a snack for kids you can’t go wrong with, it’s Lucky Charms, which happen to be perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day. Serve them up in little cupcake wrappers with a side of milk mixed with a tiny drop of green food coloring. jin chu ferrer, Getty Images
Not only are these mini Guinness chocolate floats tasty, but they’re also easy to make. All you need is a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout, chocolate brownie cream, whiskey whipped cream, and Guinness chocolate sauce. Serve them in shooters with paper straws and enjoy. Jelly Toast
Look, just because corned beef and cabbage are the traditional Saint Patrick’s Day dishes doesn’t mean you have to actually serve them at a party. For something a little more appetizing, try baking this Irish Apple Cake with Whiskey Creme Anglaise instead.A Cookie Named Desire
Sure, there’s always green beer, but don’t forget about thematic cocktails to get guests in the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit. Try this recipe for Green Dublin cocktails, serve up some Melontinis, or add an Irish touch to brunch with Leprechaun Mimosas. VStock LLC, Getty Images
While the focus of Saint Patrick’s Day is often on the green beer, corned beef, and cabbage, it’s not a party without a sweet dessert. Pick up some mint extract, some mint creme Oreos, and whip up a batch of these fudgy mint brownies to serve your guests. Simply Lakita
Games are great for keeping people entertained at parties, whether the crowd is adults, kids, or a mix. One fun option is a Saint Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt that has guests following leprechaun clues that lead them to a pot of gold (or a bucket of green beer).JoyfulDetail, Etsy
Crafts are always a good activity for parties with kids. Set up a table with everything they need to create some Saint Patrick’s Day art, like a paper plate mask, or pick up a few packs of wood shapes from Target for painting projects. Anna Bizon, Getty Images
For kids' Saint Patrick’s Day party ideas, you can’t go wrong with DIY slime. Plus, it’s both an activity (time filler) and a party favor, so it’s a win-win. Check out this recipe for shamrock slime from Messy Little Monster to learn how to make your own. MamiGibbs, Getty Images
It’s the little details that matter if you’re trying to go above and beyond for your bash. Set out a few St. Patrick’s Day swirly straws like these for a fun small touch (that also serves as a party favor) that both kids and adults will get a kick out of. Amazon
Skittles are a fantastic candy to serve up on Saint Patrick’s Day, given their rainbow of colors. They can be passed out as party favors or to classmates at school. For something a little extra, consider putting them in a cute holiday card like this one. KudzuMonster, Etsy