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St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt Clues & Ideas For Kids

They’ll need the luck of the Irish to solve these clues.

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One of the most kid-friendly ways to spend the famously adult-oriented St. Patty’s Day is by diving into the lore of leprechauns. And what do leprechauns do? Legend has it that they hide their gold at the end of the rainbow. With that in mind, a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt — specifically one to find hidden treasure — is very fitting. It’s a fun party activity that’s easy to adjust for different ages and super simple to put together by yourself at home.

The best part about a scavenger hunt is that there’s really no wrong way to go about it. You can use as many or as few clues as you feel like, decorate each one with a swipe of magical, green leprechaun glitter, or just handwrite them with a green marker on an index card. The prize at the end doesn’t have to be an actual pot of gold either. Bragging rights and some candy is probably fine by most kids, but you could also go with a bigger prize like a toy or festive T-shirt they can wear to school.

Whether you go all out or just keep it simple, you just really can’t go wrong with a good, old-fashioned St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt.

St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt Clues

A scavenger hunt can’t exist without clues. Take a look at some of the most fun and creative ones to use for your family’s St. Patrick’s Day hunt.

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  • I have hands with no arms, but I do have a face. Even on St. Patrick’s Day, I always move at the same steady pace. Answer: A Clock
  • A Leprechaun’s feet can be stinky and make some people say “pee-yew!” You’ll find your next clue inside of a ____. Answer: Shoe
  • Just like an airplane to Ireland, books can take you to a land far away. Your next clue is on the place where all of your books stay. Answer: Bookshelf
  • Leprechauns are sneaky, so to find them, you’ll need to rest up. But first, head to the place where you could find a cup. Answer: Kitchen cabinet
  • St. Patrick’s Day colors aren’t pink, purple, or red. Look for your next clue underneath your bed.
  • Look in the place that keeps our milk cold, then you’ll be on the path toward a rainbow and some gold!
  • If it’s treasure that you seek, go to the place where I sleep and take a peek.
  • Shamrocks are green and so is kale, go look in the place where we get our mail. Answer: Mailbox
  • Leprechauns are so silly and naughty. Your next clue can be found at the potty.
  • Let’s play a game that’s lots of fun. Treasure awaits at the end — you’ll know when you’ve won!
  • You’re almost there. You’re working great as a team. You’ll get your next clue when you bring me something green.
  • We’re just getting started, your first clue has been found. Go to the place where there’s grass in the ground. Answer: The yard
  • Your next clue is under a table. Try and find it if you’re able.
  • You’re almost there. That leprechaun wasn’t a liar. After the clothes are washed, we put them in the _____. Answer: Dryer

St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt set-up ideas

There are so many ways to set up a scavenger hunt at home. You can put clues indoors and out, leave small prizes at every stop or have one big prize at the end, have your hunt set up by an actual leprechaun — the possibilities are endless.

Have a leprechaun-led hunt.

Write all of your clues as if you’re a leprechaun to fool your kids into believing that a real leprechaun has set the hunt up for them. For especially young kids, this is a really fun way to get them involved in the magic of the holiday. You can also make a trail of Lucky Charms to follow, set up a pot of chocolate coins as an on-theme prize.

Incorporate a leprechaun trap.

One St. Patrick’s Day craft that’s so fun to make with kids is a leprechaun trap. Meant for catching those mischievous little men so kids can get a closer look at them (or steal their gold), you can actually incorporate this craft into your family’s St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt in several ways.

It can be the answer to a clue, hold another clue card, or act as the hiding place for a prize at the end of the hunt. If you haven’t already built a leprechaun trap with your kids, you could also have your kids gather all of the supplies to make one throughout your scavenger hunt and make it together afterward as the reward for finding all of the clues.

Use St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt printables.

If you aren’t keen on creating all of your own clues (or you’re just pressed for time) you can actually purchase pre-made printables on Etsy to use. Even better: some online printables are actually free. There are plenty to choose from, but below are a few of the cutest ones for kids.

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St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt prizes

When it’s all said and done, reward your little one’s hard work with a fun surprise to end your scavenger hunt. From St. Patrick’s Day tees to books about leprechauns, a rainbow-shaped pop-it toy, and of course, chocolate gold coins, there are plenty of exciting options to choose from.

Now, set your kids off in the direction of the nearest rainbow to hunt for their own pot of gold. They’ll remember the holiday magic you made for them for years to come.

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