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Toe-tally Cute Summer Pedicure Ideas

Just in time for sandal season.

You can’t go wrong with a classic red pedicure, but the key to making it new for summer is to opt for an orangey red over a cooler blue-toned red. Essie ‘Russian Roulette’, Zoya ‘Demetria’, or O.P.I. ‘Red-vival City’ are all great choices.Westend61/ Getty Images
A vertical stripe is one of the easier nail arts trends to try at home (though there are striped nail stickers if that’s more your speed). Just make sure the base coat is totally dry before going in with a fine brush or polish pen and drawing the stripes.Shutterstock
This floral summer pedicure idea is fresh as a daisy. Try a buttery yellow polish (like Ella and Mila ‘Hooray Of Sunshine’) and use a fine brush and white polish to make the cute daisy on the toes — rhinestone center encouraged.Shutterstock
Have decision fatigue about picking a polish? Choose them all. This cute ombre look from @kristjaana uses pinks and oranges for a sunset-hued pedicure you’ll never get tired of looking at.@kristjaana
Turn up the volume on a yellow or green manicure and pedicure with this neon shade. Some of our favorite lime green polishes include Nails Inc. ‘Knightriders Street’ or Orly ‘Glowstick’.mikroman6/Getty Images
A simple dotting tool tipped into black polish will help you get the seeds just right in this fun watermelon-inspired pedicure.Shutterstock
You definitely don’t have to retire your favorite black nail polish for summer. Here it’s used as a base on certain nails, and to make cow spots and that funky smiley face. These are a whole mood.@nailsbyalicewhite
Break out all your favorite summer polishes for this rainbow pedicure. This one looks elaborate and different but it’s super easy to recreate at home, and it’s cute how the order of colors is different on each foot.Danielle Donders/Moment Open/Getty Images
Can you believe these are actually press-ons from CliqOnU (and they cost about half of a pedicure)? Nautical stripes, a poppy red, and a pop of rhinestones team up for the ultimate summer pedi.@CliqOnU
This starfish and coral pedi is so fun for a beach vacation (or if you just want to be reminded of the ocean every time you look down). Because of the level of detail, it may be best left to the pros, though you could recreate the look with sea-themed nail stickers.Shutterstock