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The Christmas Gifts Parenting Editors Are Getting Their Kids

Surprise: Lots of popular characters.


We see a lot of toys all year, but these are the ones we’re getting our own kids.

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For a 7-year-old Harry Potter fan who loves LEGO and is getting more into actual strategy games (you know, beyond Candyland or Guess Who), this super clever Hogwarts Wizards Chess set is on our list.
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Several of our children are still speaking in English accents, so this adorable motorhome is a must. For a 3-year-old who loves to make her little Peppa and George figurines talk to each other, we’re so excited to see how she reacts on Christmas morning.
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We’ve got some Minecraft fans to shop for, and this gift fits the bill — especially for those of us parents who don’t mind Minecraft, but would like less screen time. The dragon literally breathes “fire” and is super interactive for those who can’t get enough of the gaming world.
This is the number one request from a 7-year-old on our list, and Santa is going to make it happen. Imagine all the play that can happen in this little bungalow that can also hold up to five kids at one time. The hammocks! The privacy! The sweet little ladder!
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It’s a classic Christmas gift for a reason, and top of the list for one 7-year-old boy. Whether your kid wants Anakin’s lightsaber, Obi-Wan’s lightsaber, or Rey’s brand new yellow lightsaber, there’s for sure one out there for your young padawan.
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The World by Us collection from American Girl is brand new this year, and has become a great way to introduce one 7-year-old girl to activism and major girl power. This community center for the dolls focuses on diversity and inclusion, and is at the top of her Santa wishlist.
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Kid anxiety is nothing new, but after almost two full years of *waves hands around* all this, it’s no wonder some little kids and tweens are asking for a cozy weighted blanket. These come in some beautiful natural dyes, and are available in a comfy 9 pounds.
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Santa’s not ready for kids to be full-fledged YouTubers, but how can you resist when all they want to do is film themselves reading books and talking about their day? Let’s focus on more of a Clarissa Explains It All feel with this kit that includes a green screen and light.
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Do you also have a 10-year-old obsessed with wrestling? Let them reenact their favorite moves with this fun WWE ring that literally tosses the figurines out of the ring and into tables they can smash with their plastic bodies.
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Play-Doh lovers are everywhere, and this kit comes with everything to keep a little one occupied while you sleep off the late night wrapping from Christmas Eve. (You’ll also want to play with this one, so it’s a win-win.)
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There is a toddler on our list who only has her big sister’s hand-me-down Potato Heads and it’s time for an upgrade. This set comes with two adult Potato Heads and one baby so kids can mix-and-match to make the sweetest families.
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