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11 Warm Winter Cocktails For Chilly Nights

There’s so much more than spiked cider.

This rich hot chocolate from Half-Baked Harvest calls for hazelnut liqueur and Kahlúa (which you can omit if you’re planning to share with your kids), but the true standout is the homemade spiked eggnog marshmallows (you could even make boozy s’mores).Half-Baked Harvest
It doesn’t get much more warming than classic hot buttered rum. Brooklyn Supper has all the steps to make this treat including the butter mixed with brown sugar and warming spices (yum).Brooklyn Supper
Espresso martini who? This spiked coffee from A Classic Twist will be your new caffeinated cocktail of choice. Peppermint mochas are a go-to winter coffee and they get even better with the addition of smooth and creamy peppermint liqueur. A Classic Twist
Whether you’re making spiked hot chocolate, boozy Irish coffee, or a wintery horchata, you’ll need a solid Irish cream recipe. Sugar & Soul breaks down just how to make this decadent treat. Sugar & Soul
Simple and classic but always delicious, spiked cider is a crowd-pleaser. As The Little Epicurean says, make sure to use whole spices for the recipe (not ground) like cinnamon sticks, star anise, or cardamom pods.The Little Epicurean
Eggnog but make it caffeinated. This stunning winter cocktail recipe can be served hot or cold, and to make it as gorgeous as this one from The Comfort Of Cooking, don’t forget the coarse sugar rim, espresso beans, and a cinnamon stick.The Comfort Of Cooking
Hear me out: milk punch is a lot more delicious that it may sound and The Little Epicurean has all the steps for how to make this frothy, warming winter cocktail. You already know how soothing warm milk is, now trying adding spices and whiskey.The Little Epicurean
This vibrant hot spiced wine from Sugar & Cloth is almost too pretty to drink (big almost). This easy mulled wine recipe uses classic ingredients like cinnamon, star anise, and clove but you can make it your own by adding your favorite fruits and spices.Sugar & Cloth
Hot toddies are a classic warm winter cocktail for a good reason: they’re delicious, easy to make, and they may even help ease a sore throat. Perfect for sipping by the fire, the recipe from Half-Baked Harvest uses citrus, cinnamon, and bourbon.Half-Baked Harvest
Whether it’s a Sunday brunch or an evening pick-me-up Irish coffee will put some pep in your step. Cookie & Kate’s recipe calls for hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream, plus you can adjust the sweetness to be just right for you.Cookie & Kate
Sure gingerbread houses may be just for decoration but this warm gingerbread cocktail is definitely for sipping. The recipe on A Classic Twist will show you how to make decadent gingerbread syrup that becomes the base of this cozy drink.A Classic Twist