St. Patrick's Day

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10 Yummy Green St. Patrick's Day Treats

Celebrate the luck of the Irish with sweet green eats on March 17.

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‘Donut’ you want to eat something delicious on St. Patrick’s Day? Drizzle green icing over glazed donuts or add shamrocks and sprinkles for a fun treat.

St. Patrick’s Day — but make it fancy. Green-tinted creme filling on a decadent chocolate base, complete with chocolate shavings is *chef’s kiss.*Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images
It’s hard to go wrong with iced cookies in the shape of St. Patrick’s Day icons like a leprechaun's hat and four-leaf clovers. They’re just so festive and fun.
White and green icing with festive sprinkles on a cupcake is a perfectly simple treat to serve on March 17. DustyPixel/E+/Getty Images

It doesn’t get much cuter than a shamrock-topped petit four. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these bite-sized cakes.

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Whip up a green shamrock shake with peppermint syrup and green food coloring for a tasty drink to enjoy on St. Patty’s Day.

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It’s not easy being green — unless you’re a tasty treat. Find macarons in flavors like pistachio, lime, and mint with gorgeously festive green colors at your local pastry shop.

Freeze your favorite green smoothie recipe for a quick and easy St. Patrick’s Day popsicle treat.

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A slice of sweet, cold mint chocolate icebox cake will definitely make you do a little Irish jig.

The beautiful simplicity of these shamrock-shaped cookies covered in green sprinkles would make a leprechaun give up his pot of gold.