10 Jaw-Dropping Bento Box Lunch Ideas For kids

Cute, compartmentalized, and with massive kid-appeal, bento boxes are taking school lunches by storm thanks to creative accounts like @bentomonsters.

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Bento box influencers, like @come2lunch, disguise foods with playful scenes to get kids to consider eating new foods. Rainbow tomato, anyone?@come2lunch, Instagram

Love is in the air. Here @luncheswithlovsin channels a little wanderlust to keep her kids full with a sandwich with airplane cutout and heart-themed fruit and cheese spread.

Say seasons greetings (or should we say seasons eatings?) to @gatestecuiulia’s turkey-themed bento box. @gatestecuiulia, Instagram
Thanks to some ghostly string cheese, chips, and sandwiches, this @tinatakeslunch bento box has a spooktacular vibe. @tinatakeslunch, Instagram
Here, @yumboxmama makes an eggscelent spring-themed bento box meal complete with bunny sandwiches, flower-shaped veggies, and peek-a-boo chick. @yumboxmama, Instagram
@Rasawill took things up a notch and decorated PB&Honey sandwiches with snowflake sprinkles. Use whatever cookie cutters you have on hand to create a variety of shapes. @rasawill, Instagram
Score a lunch touchdown by embracing big events, in this case @luncheswithlovsin chose the Super Bowl, to make an award-worthy lunch. @luncheswithlovsin, Instagram

There might not be any honey in this bento box, but surely Pooh would make an exception on account of how darling this lunch by @bentomonsters is.

Hot dog octopuses on basmati rice? What kid could resist @abc_lunchies’ creation. @abc_lunchies, Instagram

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