19 Beautiful First Breastfeeding Photos

These moving images capture the first moments between mother and child.

"This mom knew she wanted immediate skin-to-skin after her baby was born via c-section. She managed to breastfeed her for the first time while still on the OR table! Her daughter latched on and successfully nursed for over 20 minutes!" —Dusti Smith Stoneman of The Art Of Birth
"Mom nursing her baby for the first time right after a long and hard birth." —Kathleen Gregory of Bug & Roo Photography
"She birthed quickly and with confidence in her home on a beautiful summer afternoon. Still on the ground, she is given time and space to connect with her third son (covered in gorgeous vernix) and begin breastfeeding." —Lindsey Eden Photography
"This was love at first sight! This mom's emotions ran wild the first time she was able to nurse her baby after her birth and immediately felt that connection to her daughter." —Kathleen Gregory of Bug & Roo Photography
“After a cesarean delivery, this mother is relieved to be learning how to breastfeed her healthy baby for the first time.” —Colby Tulachanh Photographer, The House of Wild
"This was her third baby and although she had breastfed her other babies it was so amazing to watch her get to know her daughter by nursing her for the first time. Nursing each baby is unique and each mom/baby has to find their rhythm!" —Dusti Smith Stoneman of The Art Of Birth
"After an intense delivery, this first-time mother is in awe every time she is able to breastfeed her baby.” —Colby Tulachanh Photographer, The House of Wild
"This mama settles in at home after giving birth to her youngest and only girl. Her brothers surround and support mama and dad watches in awe and love as he quietly studies his baby girl." —Katherine of Katherine Marivelle Photography
"Those quiet moments, at 4:35 in the am, when you just birthed your baby at home, and you two are bonding during your first latch and a delicate newborn exam." —Katherine of Katherine Marivelle Photography